Sunday, November 25, 2007

Form + Function = Fabulous

It should come as no surprise by now, dear readers, that i have a closet full of really fun shoes. Gold ones, pink ones, leopard print, raspberry-suede, forest green patent leather. Sadly, most of these pretty pairs never see the light of day. Many are displayed inside the office, but must be cast aside in favor of a more sensible option to face the nooks and crannies of the streets of Philadelphia. Yes, I am that girl, put-together from head to...mid ankle. And just peaking out from under my Marc Jacobs trench and freshly pressed Banana Republic pants are my $10 flip flops. Or crocs, or fuzzy Merrell clogs. It's embarassing, but must be done. My feet are very sensitive and I have to walk a LOT! Excuses aside, I was one step removed from the ubiquitous white ankle socks and Reeboks over nude pantyhose. I needed help.

So as the leaves began to turn I decided to turn over a new one for fashion's sake. I will never be one of those women who can wear 3.5 inch heels all day everyday. But I found a little piece of hope in the form of La Canadienne boots. My mom first told me about this miraculous brand she found at Benjamin Lovell, where the boots were waterproof and fleece-lined and believe it or not, actually attractive! I did not believe such a product could exist. But alas, I was wrong and to my great surprise I quickly found myself with a pair of black leather "Tahra" boots that fit my leg perfectly, looked great and felt great too. I am finally free from the fuzzy Merrell for I have found a winter shoe that I can actually walk in and stay in style.

Benjamin Lovell has a number of locations around Center City, the counties, and South Jersey. I found my Canadiennes at the Glen Eagle Square location in my hometown of Chadds Ford, but no doubt they carry this product at most locations. Happy winter walking!

Benjamin Lovell Shoes
Multiple Locations

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I over think therefore I am single

I haven't written anything for a while 'cause I thought maybe I was jinxing myself by documenting every dating happening in my life (I'm nuts, I've already told you that.) Since I spoke to you last there have been some developments. Mostly, I've come to realize that I'm a terrible dater. I'm awkward and I have no filter (when I came back from the bathroom one time- which had taken so long due to the fact that there was a line-I said "Don't worry, I didn't poop.") Backtracking. A few weeks ago, I went to this advertising party and it was an overall success. There was a bevy of hot men, which was quite the relief since I had all about given up on Philly's supply of single non-douchebags. Apparently I was pretty smooth that night. "Smooth" being a relative term. I met a really cute guy and forced my number upon him. I was a little hazy on the details the next day. Note that I had been calling him the wrong name all night. So I was expecting to never hear from him again. Big whoop. I couldn't pick him out of a line up, anyway. To my surprise, I got a text the next day asking me out. Holler. So we went out last week and it was great. He's older than the guys I normally go out with, which is a good thing. What's the problem, then? I CAN'T STOP OVER THINKING. When I'm hanging out with him all I can think is, Would my parents like him? What if my friends think he's a tool? Is he hairy? What's wrong with him that he doesn't have a girlfriend? When do I have to pretend to reach for the check? What if he lets me? Will it be awkward when my credit card is declined and I start crying?

That, piled with my complete stress with dating etiquette, culminated last night into the worst possible ending of a second date. I gave him a side hug. UUUUUUUGH. This guy is probably so confused. A chick that made a b-line for him at a party and said "I wouldn't be mad at you if you asked for my phone number" and the most she can muster up is a SIDE HUG. He even said "side hug?" In my defense is was a long (albeit good) date. We went to Fork, then Sugar moms then to a movie. But it was probably the worst date movie ever. We saw Gone, baby, Gone. Nothing gets me randy like a good baby killing movie. Anyway. Well see where it goes. Either he'll assume disinterest or he's still into it. We're supposed to go out sat. I'll keep ya posted.

Maybe this time we can read Angela's Ashes to each other and talk about our worst childhood memories.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Big O

Last Tuesday, I turned 30. On the 30th. Big birthday! And to mark that special occasion my husband gave me something that I really needed. Something to make me feel great, to relax, to engage all the senses and release all anxiety.

A really good meal.

Osteria has has enjoyed a lot of buzz since its opening by virtue of its owner, Marc Vetri, whose reputation in the Philly foodie community would allow him to open a hot dog cart and receive a five star rating. He took a chance on an up-and-coming North Broad location (walking distance from our house, added bonus) and the Vetri appeal has lured even the most uptight of Main Line moms and Rittenhouse royals across the great Spring Garden Street divide. His reputation made them step out of their comfort zone, but its the food that keeps them coming back.

The weather has just turned officially Fall-like and the reclaimed wood, deep orange hues and warm lighting makes Osteria an ideal locale for this time of year. The food was hearty yet light, flavorful yet simple. In honor of the house specialty, I too stepped out of my comfort zone and into the world of cured meats. Happy I did. We also sampled the "cruda," which could be described as sushi Italian-style - yellowtail strips marinated in olive oil and spices. But the highlight of our meal had to be my entree, the everyday lobster and homemade pasta special. Absolute perfection.

Our waitress was helpful and friendly, which proved especially important here because there are numerous Italian words on the menu that were unfamiliar, particularly with the dolci (desserts). She was able to explain everything clearly and give recommendations based on your preference for sweets and flavors. So bravo, Marc Vetri, for bringing this oasis to North Broad. Fairmounters thank you.

Osteria, 640 North Broad St.