Sunday, December 30, 2007

Better Late than Never

It's been a very busy holiday season for this philly girl. I spent the better part of the last month being eaten alive by every flu, cold and sinus infection that came to town, fretting over work, and stressing over choosing the perfect gift for each of my various in-laws. But all's well that ends well, and now on a rainy and hung-over last Sunday of '07 I have some time to reflect on the season's activities. I did manage to make it to a few lovely holiday events and while it does little good for you readers to hear about them after they are over, for next year's holiday cheer I highly recommend the holiday home tour through Elfreth's Alley. For one evening in early December the residents of this, the nation's oldest continually inhabited residential street, open their doors to the public to tour their adorable and historically significant humble abodes. The houses are all dressed up for Christmas, trees trimmed and fires blazing in each living room. There was even a slight snowfall for effect. And Elfreth's is just a stone's throw from The Race Street Cafe, which has a great cozy ambiance and creative beer selection, a perfect winter warm up spot.

One more recommendation that maybe some last-minute types such as myself can take advantage of for one more week - not a holiday theme but certainly a nice family-friendly outing if you have guests coming in from out of town or if you're just looking for a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon. The Renoir exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is really spectacular. It takes you through his life and loves and his experiences of Paris, London, and his travels through the coast of Italy, Algiers, and other colorful and lively destinations. You see paintings of every day life, of young men having drinks or his good friends painting in their back yards. Nevermind that his best friend just happens to be Monet.

The exhibit is here through to 01.06, so you still have time! Run the Rocky stairs straight into Renoir's world.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year, New low?

You know what they say about New Years Eve? That how you spend it will reflect how your year will play out. I'm starting to believe this. Last year I made out with my ex and that pretty much spelled out how this year went. Until September, when we realized what we realized the September before that. We're better off as exes. This new years may very well be my first that is completely kiss free in about 7 years. I say this, but there is possibility of the exes attendance again and I can't tell what my state will be around the stroke of midnight. I've enlisted a few of my girlfriends to distract me through whatever means necessary. That being said, I'm hiding my frying pans. My only other option at the moment is Texty McGee. We've been playing a very dull game of phone tag.

In other news. I was at the Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas when my two hot cousins were talking about their adventures on I was surprised. Now I'll admit, I tried match once before and it scared the shit outta me. All I could do is judge the boys I talked to. I mean I guess I think it's unnatural for a guy to actually be looking for a girlfriend. At least the guys I've dated. Which is making me realize why I'm in my bathrobe writing a blog at 10 pm when I have off from work tomorrow (in my defense, my lungs are full of phlegmy goo and I probably only have 2 days left to live.) Anyway back to match, when i was on it last January I went on 2 dates. One with Handsy Greaserson. He followed me to a bar afterwards and presented drinks that my sister bought as if he had paid for them. The second was OK he just wasn't my type (which admittedly is pretty specific--rugged hipster.. yummmm). So I thought since they were digging the match, maybe the selection had gone up. I just checked it out. FUGVILLE. But dammit, they got me. Someone sent me a message and I can't view it unless I pay the 39.95 to "enroll". Should I do it? I mean if I do it, I will actually have to force myself to go on dates. Has anyone had positive experiences? This whole thing gives me the willies.

But so be it, I'll put my dating life in your hands. If more people think I should do it. I will. And if 2008 sucks I will hunt each one of you down. And give you a case of my crackly lung. Now I'm going to look on web MD to self diagnose.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Call me old fashioned.. Hell, just call me.

I've noticed a disturbing new trend on the dating front. More disturbing is that it doesn't seem to phase other people. I think I'm part of a weird generation that started dating right around the beginning of the cell phone era. It's been really interesting to see how it's playing out in the whole dating scheme of things. In addition to the normal awkward struggles, "who pays", "who calls first", now we have to deal with the dreaded text message (if I could insert dramatic music here, I would.) For example. Italian stallion only picked up the phone once and that was to tell me that he was at my house. He asked for a second via INSTANT MESSENGER. omg. Sidehugs texted to cancel a date with me, AND texted to reschedule. Which we did aaaall via TM. The latest of the men (my nickname for him is too inappropriate for your innocent eyes) well let's just say his "courting" of me (his own words) consisted of a follow up text to our first date 2 days later saying "Drunk texting. Yup I'm doing it." I think this guy got scared away after the third time we went out, last Thurs. I mentioned that it would be nice if he picked up the phone to actually call me, you know after we made out and everything. To which he replied " I don't know that I'm ready for a girlfriend." WHAT??? I just wanted to know that he was capable of conversation aside from the 70% boob jokes I was getting. Haven't heard from him since. Since when does a phone call upgrade a relationship status. Crap, I talked to a bill collector today, who told me I gotta get crackin on my bill, does that mean I have to hop on myspace and change my status to "swinger?" Oh and also when he texted he would leave out vowels. Lame. Vowels have feelings too, you heartless bastard. I'm glad you have no problem discarding them, as you've discarded the fact that you are 28 years old.

Anyway, I know what you're saying. "Colleen, they're just not that into you." And I'm perfectly willing to admit that may very well be the case. I think what really sticks in my craw is that some girls I talked to consider this text messaging as a sole means of communicating perfectly acceptable! Is it too much to ask for a strained awkward phone conversation? Or a good ol' fashioned drunk dial? You know what, screw it. If we're taking all of the communication out of dating, I'm going to build a robot that will go on my dates for me. Or I'll at least participate via webcam. That way I won't have to wear pants. And that's really at the heart of the issue. I hate pants.