Sunday, August 09, 2009

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Hello again Philly girls, after a VERY long hiatus! I must admit I have been cheating on the blog with Facebook, and a girl only has so much time to spend staring at a screen and typing her way to a carpal tunnel coma. Some things have changed...better apartment, better job, but same good man and vertically challenged dog. And while Facebook is undeniably addictive, I always knew I would return to the blog when I had something important to discuss. And now, I do! For you see I must tout the brilliant talent and discerning photographic eye of my dear friend and all-around good guy, Chuck Anerino.

Chuck is one of those lucky people who stumble upon hidden talent in the most unexpected ways. Around the time he was becoming a dad he got a top-of-the-line digital SLR, read a few guidebooks, and presto - instant artistic genius was born. He found he could capture the innocent beauty of babes and breathe new life into the tried and tired family portrait. When you look at Chuck's work, you don't just see cute kids - you see joy, laughter, ambition, and struggle. You see real feeling. You see a window into their souls.

So for all you Urban (and not-so-urban) Mommies out there - and I know there are a lot of you - who are dreading waiting on line with thirty fussy three-year-olds at the Sears Portrait Studio, give Anerino Originals a try. And don't worry, Chuck's not some snooty artiste where it's his way or the highway - he's a regular guy and devoted dad, and he knows that parenting comes with plenty of its own hassles. Portraits should be easy, and he'll accommodate to your needs - he'll travel to you, or help pick a good spot if you need inspiration. All at very reasonable fees. Let Chuck show you how beautiful your baby really can be!

Anerino Originals