Monday, December 29, 2008

The 5th Wheel. A lament.

I've noticed a disturbing trend. I’ll refer to it as the Coupling Effect. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy and girl decide to go on lots of couple dates with their other couple friends and leave their fabulous single friends to miss them desperately. Don't get me wrong, I am quite happy when friends become involved in loving and happy relationships, but where does that leave me? And yes, before we go any further, it's always, always about me.

I am completely satisfied with my current state, sure I sometimes miss the big spoon to my little one. But I have pretty much the most awesome collection of friends any one person could ever have. I'm never at a loss for someone to laugh, dance, be completely inappropriate with or someone to completely inappropriately dance with. Now here's my concern. As one of the dwindling singlers of the group, I find myself excluded ever so slightly in favor of The Couple Dates. True, this is a completely unfounded and petty jealousy, but I fear that one night while all my couple friends are on their respective dates with my other couple friends, I will be left alone knitting booties for my cats and the next thing you know…BAM I'm 50, have created a permanent buttock imprint on my couch, and emit the faint aroma of cheese.

So, I’ll ask you. What is the draw of the couple date? I don't think I was ever on one that I enjoyed in all of my relationshiped time. I always felt like it was leading to some awkward moment where we start placing keys in a bowl and hoping for the best. Maybe couples just feel comfortable around other couples because they have transcended beyond the life we singles lead (perusing missed connections on a daily basis in the off chance that someone I drunkenly bumped into the previous night thought I was hot.)

I digress.

I’ll leave you with this. If you are a couple, don't leave your singles out to dry. Take us out. Play with us. We need your love most of all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Everything you didn't know you needed to know.

Ladies. Find everything you ever wanted to know about landing a man here. I will be perusing the local news tonight to find a sports figure whom I find attractive so that I can use that to converse with a male. Oh, and rub my leg at a bus stop. Too bad the one outside my building was demolished during the Phillies win, 

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Along with the Holidays comes a barrage of parties and a barrage of hopes that Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Moderately Steady Make out, might be a friend of a friend that said friends just forgot to mention before. Or maybe that they deemed undatable do to some character flaw that I may just be desperate enough to overlook. Thus far, no such luck.

But it's OK, what they lack in mens, they makeup for in delicious holiday treats. Last night was a packed one. First, I met a college friend and all of her new friends at Tequila's. And let me tell ya, after about one of 2 margarita's, those repressed college memories started flowing like brain farts after a memory lane enchilada. I felt 8 pairs of eyes staring at me in judgement. So of course. I thought it best to drink more.

Next stop, friend's holiday party, which was wonderful and I was just sober enough to enjoy that my friends weren't. But I had to make an appearance so I left for the third. The third was the coolest/ weirdest holiday party I've ever been to. But I found it difficult to socialize do to the fact that I couldn't tear my eyes of the 2 hour long hippy dance off taking up the majority of the living room, while we crowded to the sides. It's all a blur of wine and patchouli. So around 3 am we decide to cab it home, and some kid stole our cab from under our noses. So cabbie felt bad as he drove by and I gave him a thumbs down and took us as well. And then began the most awkward cab ride ever. This dude, my friend and I in the back/ Her bf in the front. When said dude was safely zonked out, I proceeded to have a convo with my friends. Dood would wake occasionally to heartily agree with me on whatever point I was making, then zonk again.

Then I had to ride with him in silence between my friends' stop and mine. At his stop I was like "Well, see ya". And he (obviously gay) leans in gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left. As I watched in shock the cabbie said "Hmm.. I think I gotta start doing that with all of my costumers."

Moral of the story. Holiday love is where you least expect it. For, me it's in a cab smelling of second hand patchouli.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sugar and Spice

At the beginning of Girl About Philly, we started a little competition called the Cupcake Showdown. It was our excuse to sample some of Philadelphia's best sweet treats. While the showdown experienced a slow down, my personal affinity for the art of the cupcake only increased with time. And before I get to my latest ranking, I will briefly mention that I am yet to meet the match of my two all-time favorites - the chocolate peanut-butter from Naked Chocolate, and the banana with cream cheese icing from Billy's in New York (technically out of our competition's geographic boundaries).

But finally this weekend I got a taste of what Brown Betty is cookin'...and it was good. Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is one of those feel-good places with a story that you could definitely see becoming a movie. The tiny corner shop has feminine touches and a cool sense of girl-power and comradary that is palpable. You can imagine the staff singing out loud while they mix flour and eggs and breaking into powdered sugar pillow fights at the drop of a hat. The kind of place that you wished you had thought of (and had the guts and baking talent to pull off). It just looks like fun...and smells like heaven.

Then of course, there were the cupcakes. I tried the chocolate red velvet cake with cream cheese icing -- which definitely gives Billy's RVC a run for its money (and is a lot closer to my apartment). My sis had the strawberry sour cream which was subtly sweet and a creative combination. Both were fresh, moist and delicious. Brown Betty, you've officially got a new BFF.

And the scoring:

Appearance- 8; Cakiness- 9; Icing- 9; Sweetness- 8; Freshness- 10; Overall flavor combination yumminess- 9

Total: 53

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique
1030 N. 2nd St.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So, last night I finally saw the light at the end of the self-imposed funk tunnel. The past few weeks, while splotched with the occassional ray of sunshine (the most notable of which would be the discovery of Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks ..nomnomnomnom) have been kinda sucky. The crappy weather that just happened to coincide with layoffs at work and overall drama didn't bode well for my mental state. I tried to power through it with DIPLO on Friday but I couldn't even make it to his set. The amount of scenagers alone was staggering, not to mention that no one had a problem with invading my personal space. So I peaced and got 13 hours of sleep, which allowed me to knock down this oncoming cold. Holler.

Last night I went to Beau Monde with my friend's parents, then went with the ladies to shake our collective shit to the musical stylings of DJ DEEJAY djay, which was wonderful per usual. I even got a missed connection out of it. Although in full disclosure I don't think it counts because I told him to write it. But, Imma take em how I can get em. My friend said he looked like he was 22, but hey.. at least he's legal? I still have to respond.

I'm gonna be honest, as much as a truly do enjoy being single, the winter coldness is making me miss someone to cuddle up to (which is probably why I had a set back and made out with a past hook up last week.) Ah well, we all have our setbacks, and mine happened to come in a chodey form. And my cats are reaching their spoiled teenager phase where they are embarrassed by their momma and don't want to snuggle with me any more.

OK I'm gonna wrap this up, because my thumb is still smarting from trying to force zip myself into a cute dress in H&M. Europe won that battle, my thumb and dignity lost.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And the Phils took it

As I stood on Broad street last night with bottle of Blackhaus in my right hand, champagne in my left I realized that I will probably never again witness anything like last night. I'm oh so glad I put aside my fear of douchey crowds and partied like a rock star with the rest of Philly. I watched the game from my office and with the win ran down 6 flights of stairs to get outside because I was too impatient to wait for an elevator. I won't soon forget what I was a part of, and not just for the fact that I will most likely smell of a brewery for the next week or so. Best part of the night was looking up to see Green Man from It's Always Sunny raving on a bus shelter (that's no longer there.) As it rained beer, and god knows what else down on me, we weren't strangers, we were 100 thousand strong that collectively ended our 20 year long dry spell. And it was good.

Fires in the middle of the street, flipped cars and looting of FYE aside, I have never seen so many happy people in one place. And I don't think I ever expected to see it in Philly. Believe me, I'm not the biggest sports buff, but thanks to my partner at work, I've listened to every game and yesterday was able to spout off every date of each of the last Philly championship wins. I don't even recognize myself. So Philly, let's revel in it.

See you at the parade.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So far, fall is quite fantastic, even though my prediction of an end to singledom has not come to fruition. I don't need a man to go on a hayride. I actually was grabbed repeatedly by some prepubescent screamy teenage girls. So I'll take it where I can get it. I do have a new love in my life though, another cat. We've named her Sophia in hopes that naming her after the late great Estelle Getty character will give her a better fate than her unfortunate predecessor, Sweet Dee. God rest her soul.

Tonight, I will be casting aside my fear of crowds and my disdain of Douchebags to join the massive crowds of drunken douchebags on broad (knock knock knock on wood.) Good luck, Phils. In honor of the Phils I will include this little Phillies gem.

Random thoughts
For now I have officially been eating better in hopes of shedding 5 lbs somewhere. Cutting my drinking to 3 days a week, World Series/ Halloween weeks are an exception. And right now I am surprisingly non boy crazed. I'm OK not to be seeing anyone of note and enjoying my new attire brought on by new funds from new jobs. So yes, I'm alone. But I'm looking good doing it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Google vs. Drunk Colleen

I know we've all done it. In fact, I think Megan has already blogged about it's cellular counterpart. But once again, Google has improved my well being and self worth. Thank you, Internet friends.

And by the 7th time one of my friends called this to my attention, I figured it was blog worthy.

Well as you may have heard, the geniuses at the Google have created a function for gmail called mail goggles. It's for those nights when you get home at 3 in the morning, and after that heart to heart with the cabbie you decide that you really really need to get back with your ex. Well for me the drunk emails moreso consisted of me telling them what horrible people they are. Anyway, you pick a time frame and the days (for most it's Fridays and Saturdays, I personally chose Tuesdays through Sundays from 11pm-4am.) Before you hint send on that sometimes love filled, sometimes hate filled, sometimes both filled email, the Google elves ask you a serious of Math questions. If you get 'em right, you've earned your shame. If you get 'em wrong, erase that draft and tomorrow morning while you're downing your gatorage, you can turn it into a thank you letter to the powers that be.

Thank you Google. Now, come up with something for my phone. As of now drunk colleen thinks if she erases sent texts, sober colleen won't remember what she has done in the morning. Doesn't work so well. Shame lingers.

Have at it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We're comin to America

Well. I just flew back from Ireland and boy is my liver tired. But seriously folks. I'm all for vacations but after 7 days in the van with your family, the daily grind seems like a distant little cloud of cotton candy with unicorns pooping ice cream onto it. One thing I do have to say is that the mens over there love them some American women. And I dunno if it's the sprightly (albeit, unintelligible) accents or the fact that the Atlantic between us means no clingy yanks, the dudes seemed very welcoming. Very welcoming. 

I'll follow up with more, including our attendance at Europe's largest matchmaking festival. But for now there's work to catch up on. And the unicorns are fading. Fast. 



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hits the Zot

Philadelphians have always been fans of Belgian-style cafe/bars that specialize in mile-long beer lists and serve up mussels and frites regardless of the last letter of the month. Monks enjoys a following that rivals that of our beloved sports teams, and unfortunately the lines and crowds to prove it. The aptly yet less creatively named Belgian Cafe, on my favorite lane and former home Green Street, boasts a Monks-style menu minus the mania- but minus some of the atmosphere as well. And Eulogy, well, I'd love to comment on it and I think I managed to squeeze in one time a few years ago, but...its in Old City. Enough said.

And then there's Zot. Just laid back enough to be a bar, but just classy enough to be a restaurant. When I arrived here I felt like Goldilocks - I had finally found the place that was "Juuuuust Riiiiiggght." You know how you'd always like to take out-of-town guests to a Philly classic like Monks but you just can't because it's sure to be a mob scene and impossible to get a table? Well Zot offers the ideal alternative. With every kind of mussels you can imagine (and a few you can't believe would taste good - I think one option included chocolate), a beer list the size of a dictionary, and a significantly more comfortable space than its Rittenhouse rival, Zot is sure to please. My only negative was the limited choices of beers on tap. But as long as one is a Belgian wheat, this girl is happy.

2nd & Lombard

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall Street Shmall Street, Go Eat!

Ok so the economy might be crumbling like dominoes around us but fear not, I have some good news for all. It is officially restaurant week in Philly! Now mostly I think restaurant week is a scam but I do like to participate because it means I try new places. This time around, the powers that be upped the price for a 3-course meal. Now you will pay $35 bucks for an appetizer, entree and dessert. Of course, alcohol and tips are extra.

While there are standard gastro pubs on the extensive list of participating restaurants, I recommend trying a normally pricey place to get your $35 bucks worth. Tonight I am eating at Hawaiian Fusion restaurant Roy's which has been on my "to do" list forever. You do always have the option of ordering from the regular menu should you not like your limited "restaurant week" menu options.

Restaurant week runs until Friday, Sept. 19th. Be sure to make reservations as everyone and their mother tends to come out this week.

As the bankruptcy continues to mount, I urge everyone to drown their worries in a bottle of wine at a restaurant you probably can't afford anymore.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

City of Brotherly Laughs

While I lie here staring longingly at Colleen's little Charlie whom I'm cat-sitting, I am reminded of one of my favorite things- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (Note- Colleen named her cat after one of the lead characters. And I'd love another kitten- hell I'd love 10 more kittens.) I can confidently say that it is indeed one of the best shows to debut in the last couple of years.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia does great things for this beloved little city. And let's be honest- we could use the help with the unfair recent notoriety- "ugliest city," "fattest city," and "murder city/killadelphia." The show, which shoots around town quite a bit, is about 4 friends who run a terrible bar in South Philly. Always scheming and manipulating, this gang of friends is the Central Perk Friends crew on crack, heroin, glue, barbiturates and lots of sauce. With classic episodes such as "Sweet Dee is Dating a Retarded Person," I am convinced that this is a television classic in the making on par with The Honeymooners and MASH.

Dear readers, I urge each and every one of you to tune in this Thursday to the season premiere at 10pm on FX. Hey I even encourage you to watch the repeats on Fancast- .

I assure you that you'll have water cooler conversation for weeks.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Philly Bleeds a New Kind of Green

Anyone who knows a thing about Philly knows that when Eagles season starts, its all Eagles, all the time. Eagles green is everywhere, on everyone, and people from all walks of life come together to hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, McNabb will make it happen this year.

So I found it quite appropriate that today, on the day of the Eagles home opener, Philadelphia showed how it has embraced a new kind of green. Greenfest Philly took place today on Headhouse Square, featuring over 200 environmentally- friendly and sustainable businesses and showing that Philadelphians are serious about reducing our carbon footprint. Everything from car shares, to no-flush toilets, to solar roofs to organic cotton t-shirts were on display, with knowledgeable and zealous tree-huggers on staff to educate the public on the benefits of thinking about the planet in all our daily decisions.

While the festival was a one-day deal, it was a perfect excuse to pick up some locally grown produce at the weekly Headhouse Farmers' Market. Here green is the main event but definitely not the primary color. It's a virtual rainbow of nature's bounty, with fresh flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables all straight from local farms, not to mention artisan breads, pastries and other goodies. Even if you're not buying, just perusing the market makes for a relaxing Sunday morning.

Headhouse Farmers' Market
2nd & Lombard Sts.
Sundays, 10 am - 2 pm

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


It's Tuesdaymonday. You know, the Tuesday after a long weekend, that has all of the pitfalls of a Monday but's a touch closer to Friday. Wow, even writing that cheered me up a little. That and I feel gross today so I'm wearing a sass little outfit. I have soooo much work to do before heading off to Ireland, the home of my drunken ancestors, that I figure I should put it off with a little blog action.

It was a good weekend filled with many bad dance dance floor decisions. Music provided by DJ Deejay DJ both nights. Thanks again, yo.  

Dude I made out with was nice, but not my type. Very... pretty. He asked for my phone # and if I recall I was listed as "ajsadh" so I figured I wouldn't have to dodge him later. Cut to last night, I never get phone calls and was expecting one from the rents so when it rang, I answered without looking. Whoops. It was him. I was so caught off guard, I agreed to go out with him this week (saying I would get back to him on the day thinking that would buy me time to think of an excuse.) The more I talk to people I think I may just go. Whatever. 

So my parents came for dinner and met my new cat. I had the sinking feeling that they think this is the only grandchild they will ever have. As they came bearing gifts for him and my dad said Charlie bears a striking resemblance to my mother's side of the family. Le sigh. 

OK time to get crackin on some work, aka stare at my computer screen for 2 hours then go to lunch. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Confessions of a whiner

I've noticed my blogs have progressively moved past witty into down right suicidal. My apologies. I feel like I'm on the cusp of breaking free of singledom, can't explain why. And yes, I fully admit said single state is self imposed. I'm impossibly picky. But I think the reason for that is just an excuse to revel in my me time.

A friend pointed out the obvious when I complained about my boredom

a.) I have a good, fun job.
b.) My friends are fabulous
c.) I'm hot

OK he might not have said the last one, but isn't that always implied?

So, I have a trip to Ireland coming up with the fam which means 2 things. That I will be packing a flask and two weeks of forced soul searching. I'm fine with both.

As for dating? Not too much going on worth mentioning but it's a long weekend, which means many possibilities. Have the MMP coming up and many many bbq's. mmmmmmmm meat. Now I just have to get through the next 2 days.

Happy Labor Day. Let's get weird.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olive branch

Whoops. OK. So a little while back I wrote a scathing blog about DJ Deejay. He found it, explained himself and apologized. You can read that here

So I will accept this apology and will go further than that, I'll attend this Friday's MMP on the boat. Well not so much to make peace as I feel the strong urge to shake my shit. 

Let's do this. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008


My tendency to date assholes makes it pretty easy to not fall back into old habits. As they cancel on me before I get the chance to. Probably better. So I replaced him with a day of tubbing in New Hope. It was glorious even though I had a near death experience with a rope swing, and lost my beer whilst chasing down runaway flip flops. The latter was probably the scarier of the two, I was really enjoying that beer.

Anyway, I'm feeling moderate to high annoyance with PAWS at the moment. While I would always encourage people to foster or adopt from there. Dee got very sick last week, and all of our calls went unanswered. We ended up having to take her to UPenn pet hospital. They wanted to charge us thousands of dollars for a kitten we had had 4 days, and were just fostering. Since PAWs is supposed to take care of the medical care at no cost we brought her there. When we did, we were basically yelled at for not keeping her at UPenn and shelling out the grandplus. Keep in mind Upenn said they couldn't believe PAWS gave us such sickly kittens as first time fosterers. So they had to put her to sleep, and Charlie who was doing fine is now seeming sick. So we're opting to spend the money at VCA cat hospital rather then risk getting sub par care at paws. I hope he's OK.


Anyway. All of this cat/money trouble and paired with never ending dry spell are really grating on my nerves. It's like I'm getting a second period. Cut to me, on my couch spooning a kitten crying to the Notebook on the Family Channel. Ahhhh life is good.

Time for Mad Men

Monday, August 11, 2008

Charlie and Sweet Dee

Well, I'm officially in cat lady land. I got kittens on sat (2) from PAWS. They are the tiniest little guys I've ever seen and it took everything I had not to fashion a baby bjorn from some tshirts and bring them into work with me today. But I'm not there yet. Not quite yet.

While I'm loving the short respite from deathly heat, this lovely cool day is bringing to light a harsh reality. Fall is coming. And fall/winter= the worst times to be single. Cider for one, weeping into leaf piles, couples costuming with my sister....again. I know there's gonna be a point when I tell myself that going on match will be a great idea. I need you to stop me.

I can cuddle with the cats.  Anyway, on the bright side, fall does mean new It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I sure do miss the night man. Thank God for DVR. 

Agenda for this week:

Make the cats love me
Take advantage of Megan's new pool
Monthly dinner/ getting drunk with Court. 
Probably hanging out with people I shouldn't be. Oh well. 

Friday, August 08, 2008

Vetri- Not Worth the Hype!

It's been a big year for me. I fell in love, started cohabiting and got a haircut with bangs. Last night we decided to celebrate our first year together as an official couple. Two months ago, the bf made reservations at Philly renowned restaurant Vetri. Ever since I moved to Philly, I've been hearing great things about this place. I was expecting a super expensive, fabulous meal and overall dining experience. Well, the food was excellent....the service was pretty unimpressive.

I strongly feel that good service is a major part of the dining experience especially when you're eating at an outrageously expensive restaurant. Now there are probably 10 tables in this restaurant and there were definitely at least 10 servers. It didn't matter- we had no particular waiter and the sommelier not only took our wine order, but also our dinner order. (I was just glad someone did.) But let's start at the beginning-we were greeted by a very tall man who seemed annoyed that we were there. He asked us what we wanted to drink. I ordered a vodka cranberry and the BF said he needed a couple of minutes. Nobody ever came back to see if he was ready for a drink. We waited another 30 minutes for menus.

In fairness, the food was delicious. We started with an appetizer of Kobe steak that was cooked to rare perfection. I had a rich spinach gnocchi plate that literally melted in your mouth. The bf had a light white fish that was cooked with tomatoes smothered in olive oil- delicious. We had a chocolate souffle for dessert that was perfectly moist in the center. All very yummy.

And then we waited another 30 minutes for the check. While dinner was undeniably delicious, I've had better service at TGI Friday's. We're glad that we tried Vetri but I think for our second anniversary- we'll go the Steven Starr route.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Preparing for the worst

This is me. How many months into this little blog experiment and pretty much two to eighty four steps behind where I started out. I say this because I am currently sitting at my computer with a glass of red wine and a book entitled Cat's for Dummies simultaneously begging my friends to take their scrabulous turns (you know who you are you heartless bastards). Oh, and I am also wearing a sundress that is hiding the pudge of oncoming menstrosity, that I can only liken to a moo moo. I think I'm giving up. I'm not sure what to do, outside of moving out of this city, to meet a decent fella. Or at the very least have a whole lot of fun with a not so decent one. I'm not above it at the moment. I think I'll be past this mope fest once flow's left town and I take my 3 day beach weekend. 'Cause as much as I miss man touch. I love this city far too much to leave it. Rapes, muggings, murders and all. They just add character. PIZAAAAAAZ.

All in all, although my weekends have been boyless, they have been quite filling. Notable mention would be this past Saturday at Yakatori Boy when we took to the mic to sing "I wanna dance with somebody" and there was a room full of strangers dancing on chairs. Must go back soon.

In other news, my old roomie is moving in with her boyfriend, which means she's taking the cats. So we decided to get kittens. Now I will officially be crossing the line from person who lives with cat lady, to official cat lady. But cuteness overrides all. I'm OK with it.

Gah, oh well. I'm going to glass number two and will top it off with my Monday night listening to This American life. Tomorrow night, back to the prowl. I will be going with friend to see We Are Scientists at Johnny Brenda's. And I'm sure all I'll be returning with is a belly full of beer and my feets sore from dancin.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I fell

So, nothing really is happening on the man front. I'm alright with that. I have enough going on that I am satisfied with the non touch. So in a moment of complete nerdery last weekend, I decided to walk down to the Ritz to catch a movie by myself rather than go to my weekly yoga class. Besides I think all of my muscles have atrophied due to lack of use, so much so that I almost walked out of class 2 weeks ago. The only reason I didn't was to avoid mortification, but that mortification caught up to me in the form of many failed attempts at a headstand, against a wall. 

Anyway, I had heard about this movie called The Fall. It was directed by Tarsem Singh, who directed The Cell and the Losing My Religion video. This movie was at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival and was kind of overlooked, until directors David Fincher and Spike Jones noticed it. 

The story gets a little silly at times, but that's forgivable because of how beautiful it is. Go to the link and watch the trailer. Right now it's playing at one of the Ritz. I saw it at the Bourse, but my coworker saw it at a different one last weekend. The only recognizable actor is Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies. The only way I can describe it is if Pan's Labyrinth and The Princess Bride mated. 

So good. 

An aside. As I'm writing this sidehugs sent me a text. I hadn't heard from him in 2 weeks after he text cancelled on me for the 4th time. And I get "What's up motorboat?" What a turd. I will try to just ignore instead of sending an angry text back. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Extraordinary Blooming Restaurant

A very nice person at my office has been raving about Apamate for many months, so when my husband said he tengo tapas, I took the opportunity to experience it for myself. And as its name suggests (explained on the restaurant's website) this narrow crimson cafe named for a Venezeulan tree does stand out in its own way.

Blink and you will pass right by this unassuming storefront, noted only by thin vertical strands of red lights illuminating the large square window facing South Street. Enter to the sounds of Manu Chao and Buena Vista Social Club just over the din of the front-of-the-shop kitchen, and your eyes gaze from the dark wood furniture, to the deep red walls, to the Spanish tile countertop and the chocolate caliente mixer, reminding you to save room for churros.

The waitstaff are helpful and informed, happy to make recommendations on not only what to eat but how to eat it. Apamate serves small and large plates along with a laundry list of tapas. Only here they are called "pintxos," which is either a ploy to separate itself from the growing glut of tapas restaurants throughout the city, or a subliminal semantic trick to further remind its patrons that these plates are, in fact, teeny tiny "pinches" of food.

We plowed through 3 or 4 pintxos, in addition to the serrano ham and bechamel croquettes and an a seafood paella entree. The ingredients were fresh and organic, the flavors were authentic and robust, and the meal was affordable - borderline cheap. We saved room for churros, as did a few other parties who came through just to order dessert. And when the server accidentally brought us the wrong dish (dulce de leche instead of Nutella, really neither is wrong!), they corrected the mistake by giving us the right one on the house. Now that's class.

Cafe Apamate
1620 South Street

Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday, not so much

I think it's time I tackle my dating patterns. While this is probably best done by a shrink, I think my tendency towards comfort eating and countless hours of daytime TV logged over the years have left me just as qualified as any. 

Date # 2 aka 6. I tried to pop that zit about an hour before the date. Take it from me. Never do this. It just turned a fairly noticeable white head into a oozing bloody welt. Cutting bangs was too dicey considering the only time I cut hair was about 20 years ago on my barbie and she ended up losing her head. So, As I packed foundation into my open wound, I realized the night was going to be slightly less than magical. 

Don't get me wrong, I haven't completely discounted him, but here's what I think happened. I think I spent the whole first date trying to make myself look good and the second date, well I spend it judging him. We were both tired and didn't make reservations (since it was his turn to pick the place) and we just ended up going to ten stone, which is hit or miss. It was loud and there was a group of drunk barely legal dudes next to me and one had his ass in my face. The convo was fairly strained, mostly because of all of the drunkies around us, and me not being one of them. Believe me, I tried. But the beers weren't taking. And all I got was a general sense of self involvement. Even in the making out. I thought the point of dating an older man was that they had already outgrown the bullshit. 

Anyway. I think he's feeling the same way cause we haven't really spoken since then, aside from the random short texts. I may be willing to give him another shot. Maybe it was just an off night, and otherwise I'm heading back to No Man Land. But the butterflies have gone, or at least have been placed in a jar and someone forgot the air holes. C'est le vie. Bring on on the cats. 

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday I'm in like

So I have my second (fifth) date with sidehugs tonight. I can't help thinking that I need a new nickname for him but we'll stick with this one for the time being. So far, so good. He's still quite the texter, and even texted a cancellation again last weekend. But I'm willing to overlook that one slightly because we had just made tentative plans the night before and, well let's face it, I'm pretty desperate. But he's picked up the phone quite a few times. So we'll see how tonight goes. He's supposed to pick the spot since I picked the last one. But I hate leaving the planning up to others, especially boys.

So the pluses about this guy. He's older than me, but doesn't act it. In a good way. Funny, Nice. And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. Oh, and he's not so computer savvy, so there's less of a chance of him finding this. I don't know that I can handle that awkwardness again. The only thing I have to get used to is the cuddling. He seems to be a big fan, I'm not so much. But since I haven't had the man touch in a while, I'll make an exception.

In other news, my forehead decided that date day is a great time to sprout a third eye. I don't know if any amount of makeup is going to contain this beast. I may have to take off the cami that brings my outfit from "cute" to "boobalicious". What to do, what to do. But I'm assuming the third degree burns that I received at the beach on Monday that left me tie dyed, may be enough of a distraction. (Today was the first day I decided to brave the pain of shaving... needless to say it was quite the undertaking.)

OK I'm going to sit here and use my ichat cam to stare at my zit and talk myself off of a ledge for a few hours.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Return of the Sidehug

Ahhh nothing like Spring Showers to create a little oasis in the desert that was my love life. Not sure how long you've been hanging out with us, but way back, pre match days I went out with this dood a few times. The pluses, he was hot. Great combo of hipster and successful (meaning he has a job, but looks like he doesn't.) The bad.. I think I was still a little hung up on my ex at that point, so I wasn't really into this guy and made up little reasons to stop talking to him. Although I still think texting to cancel a date is poor form. Anyway back in Nov, we went out a few times and it culminated to an awkward slobbery car kiss and we kinda just mutually stopped talking to one another. So last weekend, I ran into him for the first time since at JB's. Holy hell I forgot how hot he was. A tasty little nonconformist nugget. So he texted (no shocker there) and asked me to go out this week. We went out last night to... let's say it together now... Black Sheep. My roommate said that I should start thinking of another usual haunt, because this one is obviously cursed, but I decided to challenge the gods one more time.

I think it worked. I actually had a great date.We laughed, we drank. He embraced my potty humor. And just like that... the desert bloomed. So what next? Who knows. I got the morning text, but it wasn't anything to write home about, just the status of his hangover. But at this point, I will not overthink. Even if I don't hear from him again, he made me remember the fun little butterfly nervous part of dating. You know the part that you hate to love. Le sigh. 

That's all for now.

Go to Madonna, Michael, Prince on the Moshulu tomorrow.

 I am.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The desert below

That's right folks 3 months into a dry spell and still counting. No end in sight. Hence no posts in a while. Thankfully for me there's been other distractions. Namely fantastic new job and new friends (still miss my boos from the old though, but I see 'em lots.)  That's been fun. I've been drinking more than usual, which is going to make me fat soon, I'm sure of it. But until then I'm just gonna go with it. Secondly, my lovers, otherwise known as my game night crew recently purchased rock band. My partner at work (the AD to my CW) thinks I'm a nerd cause I play that stuff instead of instead of Grand Theft Auto IV. Sorry, not interested. I just want games that make me feel like the superstar I think I am. I want someone to come up with a game that has an avatar of me walking up and down catwalks complete with outfit changes and Right Said Fred. My God. I really am a gay man. 

If that's the case, I may be all set cause I'm headed to Pure tomorrow night for Making Time. 
Otherwise I think I may have just plain given up on meeting anyone. I can't see it happening anytime soon. Thankfully the weather has been fantastic and warm, which cushions the blow. Or lack thereof. 

Another weekend, other chance to strap on the dancing shoes. Saturday night will be Los Campesinos at Johnny Brenda's and I couldn't be more excited. I lurve them. Their music makes me smile and shake my tushie.

So I used to work at a rivet factory as a job during breaks in College. Yes, I had to wear stee-tipped boots and safety glasses. It was so boring that one day I made up a little jingle called the Rivet is gonna get Ya. Sung to the tune of that well known Gloria Estefan ditty. Anyway, I randomly got an email from this old guy that I used to work there with telling me he loves me. So help me, if this dry spell keeps up, I might just write back. 


Sorry. That was a whole lotta nothing. But odds are if you're reading this, you're bored at work anyway.  

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Lots of changes in Colleenland lately. None of them boytastic. That is at a complete and utter standstill. I'm fine with that. Why? Cause it's sunny outside. Who needs a boy when I can stay warm all by myself? That came out differently than I meant it to. Anyway, I'm starting a new job tomorrow. Ratio of 90% excited to 10% nervous. I've been on controlled unemployment this week. Completely wonderful. I, of course, drank too much but had just the right number of roof deck bbq's. So aside from a gigunda zit on my chin, every thing's swell. I was supposed to go to my first meet up tonight but I couldn't find anyone with car to go with me and it's allllllll the way in the North East. Next time.

We tried out a new dance spot on Friday. The Barbary. It was ok. Kinda like dancing in teenage hipster soup . But wherever Madonna, Michael, and Prince go, so shall I.

Since I have no updates of the man variety at the moment, I'll share from you a tale from the youth.

The time. Somewhere between 2nd and 3rd grades(89-90ish.) It was the skating party. Couples skate. And I had to pay a quarter to get the cute boy to skate with me (don't laugh a quarter could get you far those days. A whole soda or a pretzel.) Anyway, he came up to me later with the quarter and his mom waiting in the wings. She was making him give it back. Hell yeah. I already had the skate and now could kick back with a nice cold Coke. Life was gooood.

RIP: WAWA at 20th and Chestnut. Another one bites the dust.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Meet market

Hello friends. It's been a little while, mostly because there hasn't been much to write about. Thankfully the weather is getting warmer, which means I am getting slightly more motivated to be active. So I've tried match, I've tried bars, now it's on to the next phase. Philly meet ups. I was perusing the interwebs last night and came across this lovely site. And I have devised a plan. Every month, until I get sick of it, I am going to go to a different one. I think I am going to save the Furry meetup and anything sports related until the very end. Nothing against the furries but I'm just not willing to test the beastiality waters at this time. So goodbye comfort zone, hello playing scrabble with 40-50 somethings. Maybe they will have hot sons for me to play with. I'll let you know how my first one goes. It's scheduled for the end of the month.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Post Quarter Life crisis

I swear my posts will start getting happier very shortly. I have self diagnosed severe Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Spring is being a big ol' cock tease. Taunting me with her heaving sunshine but she is a frigid one. Brrrr. I need warmth. I need to un pastify. I need to enjoy Rita's without feeling like I am dying from the inside out.

Anyway. So, I'm going to be 27 on Tuesday. My brain knows this is young, but this message is getting lost somewhere in my subconscious. I'm feeling rather old. I thought it was just me until I had an official old moment last night. Allow me to set the scene....

It's Making Time at Transit. I can only liken it to a festival o' hipster. Like carnies, but with tighter pants. So I'm there with my usual crowd of boys, since I have no more single lady friends in the area to speak of. They have all succumb. I notice a cute one giving me the eye and he starts dancing towards me, so I mosey on over. Upon closer dancing I realize he is oh so young. I ask. He's 22. I say ohh you're young. I tell him how old I am and he says. "Wow. I've never talked to anyone that old at a bar before. You look at least 5 years younger than that."

Yowch. The horror. So I backed away slowly, blending into the flailing crowd.

I think that made me put my desperate shoes on cause then I spotted another cute one and strapped on my lager balls and that convo went something like this.

me: I'm trying to hit on you
him: Oh, I didn't notice. I'm leaving though.
me: Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
him: Consider this one a tie.

What???????? That was the saddest excuse for witty banter/ rejection I've ever heard.

So it seems that all of my single friends are in the same position I am. Severe dry spell. I'm blaming the weather. We're hot and it should be, too.

Operation Me Time hit a snag this week. I drank 6 out of 7 days, which means my liver is about the only thing getting a work out. That changes this week.Back to the gym. Aside from B-day mojitos at Alma de Cuba of course. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This used to be my playground

I'm about to get real on your asses. OK. So when I first started contributing to this blog, I told my boss and he gave me two stipulations. The first was that I don't show my real picture (because of the crazies) and the second was that I had to be completely honest. 100% honest. And I have been, to a fault. And tonight, I had my first blog casualty. It sucks and I feel bad although it is admittedly semi funny. OK. Remember the Match guy, the "over communicator" who I made out with last weekend? Well I saw him at Silk City again tonight. He nudged me and I was really happy to see him. The thing was, aside from the over communicating, I did kinda like him. But how do you tell someone they over communicate without it sounding otherwise? So I decided to ride it out and when he stopped, I was able to put things in perspective. But, after that we just kinda stopped talking without either one of us making any sort of move. In hindsight, this is probably because of the story to follow. So, he was at Silk City tonight, and was acting kinda rude. I went up to him to ask what his deal what and he made it clear that he had found this blog (I am sure he'll read this) and was upset that I called him an "over communicator." He wasn't interested in discussing it further. The funny thing is, I'm sure he read that way before we dance floor made out last weekend, but go figure it didn't stop him. Maybe this is my red flag anyway. He stalked out my blog, which I kind of figured he would, and he is the kind that professes every aspect of this life via his status messages and everything over the last few weeks has been about him hating women. And really, what 30 yr old does that? So there. From what you know of me, I don't have much of a filter. And it sucks cause it may have held me back from getting to know a cool, fun person, but if he is sensitive about this, he prolly couldn't handle allll this, anyway. Gah. I'm just getting home from the bar and will try to not delete this tomorrow. Lesson learned. Blog with caution. Maybe I'll just start writing these blogs directly to the people I'm writing about and cut out the middle man.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First off, I would like to apologize to those coming here looking for actual relevant cultural info. Apparently my cohorts have lives, so it looks like you're stuck reading about my dating (or lack thereof at the current moment.) While I haven't had anything happen in quite the while (so little if fact, that I ran into, and consequently made out with that one match guy that I mentioned in earlier posts.)

So today, after searching the missed connections for word from any of those little 18 yr old hotties that were too afraid to approach me at the Justice show last night (Can you be 26 and a cougar?), I read this article sent to me by a friend. Single men, read this. Learn it, live it.

OK back to work.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

R.I.P late night binging

Today is a sad, sad day. Last night, before going to a show at Johnny Brenda's (more on this later) I stopped into my beloved Wawa on 20th and Locust and all of the shelves were barren. Then I noticed a sign that in 3 days they will be closed (you can't see it but a single tear just hit my keyboard.) I don't know what upsets me more, the fact that I was blindsided by the very people who fed me when I was intoxicated, put up with me singing entirely too loud to the muzak playing over the speakers, and gave me feeless atm withdrawls over the past 3 years, or is it the fact that I am actually really upset that a Wawa is closing. Now I have to shlep it aaall the way to 20th and Chestnut for my delicious hoagie treats. Le sigh. But what's the deal? First the wawa on 15th and Walnut now this one? I thought they were doing well. I mean there are like 3 with in 3 miles of my parent's house in the burbs, alone. So I am going to start a petition for a WAWA delivery service. "One hot dog please. Yes, straight to my mouth. Actually, could you go one step further and just chew it up and regurgitate it right in there."

Anyway, so yeah. My emo friend and I went to JB's last night cause he wanted to see this band called the Headlights. I had never heard of them but figured I couldn't pass up the chance of possibly meeting my dream hipsterish fella. The band was actually really good. But the clientele was mostly made up of the bad kind of crunchy hipster. You know the kind with the smelly knit caps and the coke bottle glasses? To each his own. Anyway, it's tough to meet people at bars and it doesn't help that my friend is a dude and it always looks like we're on a date. So I spotted a guy that was pretty cute and decided to ignore the fact that he was wearing skinny jeans. Then my friend (emo) and I realized that he was a drummer of this band and that I had already forced my number on him about a year ago. Is the selection in Philly that small? I've been forced to recycle? Oh well my only other option is hot but has the personality of toast that's been staling on the counter for a few days.

So I went up to him and said "Didn't I force my number on you once?" He remembered, still had my number, gave a good excuse for not calling and we had a nice little chat. So I'll let you know if I hear from him.

More importantly. Here's a question for you. Where are all the hot people in Philly hiding? I know there has to be some. The second part of this question is why am I not invited? I think it's because of those years with braces. Pretty people can sense that shit. It's like dogs smelling fear.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Saint Valentine. Why must you smite me?

It's that time of year. You, the coupled, call it Valentines Day. We, the independents, call it Singles Awareness Day (also known as S.A.D.) While others will be toasting to companionship and the fact that you will most likely be getting some, I will be enjoying my second annual S.A.D. festivities. For the second year, my friends and I (some coupled but they have to pretend to not like each other for the night) will be singing karaoke in our own room atop Fugi Mountain restaurant. I plan on opening with "All by myself" leading into "un break my heart" then maybe up the tempo a little with "love stinks". I kid. In reality it's just an excuse to get drunk with my peeps and crack a few glasses, with what I always think at the time is my angelic voice.

Operation me time hit a snag today. I'm moderately hairy and this freezing weather is blackening my soul. And instead of going out and trying to meet people, I opted to stay in this weekend and play a crap load of guitar hero and sing star for ps2. I justified it cause I was drunk and people came over. We tried to go to Loie and it stunk, and we realized we were having much more fun with the video games. But then I fell outside of wawa when I was trying to get a hot dog. It was so worth it because it was the best late night hot dog ever made. And every time I look at the scab on my hand, I remember. Oh hot dog, will you be my Valentine?

OK I'm going to try to get out of this funk and go to the gym. grrrrrrrr. Oh and I am going to take up yoga. Although I'm afraid I'm going to look like an asshole during the first class. The fact that the place is covered with windows doesn't help.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I've come to a realization. I don't think I could date Ryan Gosling. On my walk home last night I discovered that I would not be OK with him going off and making out with the Scarlet Johansons and Natalie Portmans of the world. He would then, of course, tell me that he would give up acting to be with me and I just couldn't have that. As much as I would like to not admit it, I think his famousness adds to his appeal. 'Cause then he would just be some dude that was in the Mickey Mouse Club.

I won't have to deal with this situation until he actually meets and subsequently falls madly in love with me. So I went out with 700 Club boy on Sat. Actually let me back this up. Even though I've been going on dates, I'm in the middle of the longest dry spell I'd had in a long while (hence my delusions of Mr. Gosling.) So Friday I'm at work. Feeling pretty randy, when along comes an IM from dating past. He was one of the dudes I was talking to, but it had kind of just fizzled. He's hot and all, but came with little too much baggage for my taste... just got out of a long relationship blaah blaaah blaaaah. Well,he caught me at a weak moment and invited me to his burb house for wining, dining. and making out. Dry spell is officially over. And I went into Saturday's date with that itch scratched. Sweet relief.

The date was fun, but he was wearing more jewelry then I was. Hippie jewelry. With his shirt unbuttoned enough to provide a window to his copious amounts of chest hair. Unpleasant. We went to Black Sheep (my ol' fallback) then Snack Bar, which was pretty cool. I got too drunk. Shocker. He called me to go out again this weekend and I'm not really into it. Here's why I am crappy at dating. I would much rather just never call him back and let it go away rather than saying I'm not interested. But that's rude, right? If you're a dude would you rather be rejected or just have someone not call you back?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

La isla bonita

OK Operation Me Time is progressing swimmingly. If you need a refresher, this includes going to the gym, keeping organizedish surroundings, and daily shaving of my unmentionables even without promise of anyone seeing them. Trust me, this is a big feat for me. And my pants are a whole lot roomier, I'm pretty sure it's not because of the gym. I figure I'd take the field of dreams mentality of dating. "If you ladyscape it, they will come."

But I can't complain. Love life aside, everything is going pretty damned well. I got a promotion. Huzzah! And moved into a little office. I feel aaaall growed up.

Last weekend I did some celebrating and I have to say I was so very upset. My latest haunt, Silk City, has officially been ruined for me. We had kind of become obsessed. It was our old school L'Etage. You know, before everyone and their turdish friends found out about it and you could move without elbowing a wannabe hipster in the face? Well that's what Silk City meant to me. No cover, no wait and all the Madonna, Michael and Prince you could shake your shit to. We knew it was just a matter of time before word got around. And how! When we went on Sat, there was a wall of people front to back. My first task was to pee (due to excessive pregaming). Big mistake. The light was out and I had to feel my way around. I haven't been walking right since.

On the verge of a body-heat induced panic attack, my crowd and I bolted after 15 mins went to the 700 club. It had been a while since we'd been there. Mainly because Saturday DJ, as good as he is, smells like a hippie corpse that has been rotting on that bathroom toilet for months. DJ Stank aside, we had fun. I gave some dude my number even though he had a chodey hat on and he kept insisting that I was born in Spain. But he was kinda cute, friend approved, and he called me yest and asked me out for a drink. I will try fit into the pre-drink convos that there will be no train driving, so he can leave the conductor hat at home. And if you're wondering. Yes, it hurts to be this judgmental. But it hurts so good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well hello. So I did it. I signed up for the Match and rode out the month. Consensus; still scares le poo outta me. But what do I know? My friend signed up with me- a suicide pact if you will. And she's lovin' it. But we can both agree that there are heaps of crazy dudes in Philadelphia. Don't believe me? Well take a look at this gem of an email I received.

"Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Inspired by your Beauty,
So I’m Writing to you,
Life is Hard and Life can Strife,
Maybe one day I can make you my Wife,
I don’t mean to be Forward and don’t mean to Press,
But Judging by your Page I’m very Impressed,
I know this Sounds Cheesy and you may not Believe Me,
But I just wrote this Poem and you’re the only one I’ve Shown,
If you like what you’ve Read and you like what u See,
Please do not Hesitate in Contacting Me =)"

I couldn't make this shit up. One guy sent me his life story, including but not limited to, a youtube video of his latest vacation. Complete with captions that flew across the screen in dayglo colors "DUDE, THIS IS AWESOME!" Glorious. I also got winked at by a chick, and was tempted to wink back. Maybe I have more soul searching to do than originally thought.

Oh, but don't worry I'm not saying there aren't crazy girls. I am one of them and I wear it proudly on my sleeve (another light bulb flashing as to why I am writing this.) But what I can say with complete honesty is that if you are a single GUY match is a good bet for you. I did a reverse search and the ratio of hot girls to guys is nuts. Such is Philly.

In all honesty, I only went on one date. Well it turned into 3. He was funny and nice and I tried oh so hard to be into it. But alas no sparks. I don't know if it's because I secretly judged him for being on match, or the fact that he over communicated. (Yes, I understand my hypocrisy.) How can I write one blog preaching the woes of no phone calls and now complain about over communicating? As much as a don't like to admit it, the chase is fun. And when you're getting texts on top of emails on top of IMs (all in the span of one hour) you start feeling a little... congested.

So what now? Whatever happens happens. I'm tiiiiired of looking. Dating is exhausting. So for now, I focus on me and maybe he'll turn up in the meantime. I started going to the gym, which is pretty funny if you knew me. I think a direct quote from Megan was that "somewhere there is a dough nut crying." And it's true. If you listen hard enough, you can hear him. He sounds delicious. I digress.

To all of you ladies on Match, I wish you luck. You're braver than I.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet You at the Diner!

As a native Long Islander, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of the American diner. In fact, I truly love them. I grew up with a diner on every corner. After every high school evening out, we headed to the local diner. God knows we were tired and hungry from the hours of aimlessly driving around. It was a who's who of the Wantagh Social Scene. Fast forward 10 years and I am a girl about Philly, in constant search of the perfect diner.

Living in Center City, I find my diner options are slim. While I know that Philly has some of the best restaurants around, sometimes a girl just needs a greasy meal. Rittenhouse Square's Little Pete's (219 South 17th Street) is tiny, but it gets props for being open 24 hours, making drunken nights all the better. University City's Philly Diner (3925 Walnut Street) may be the worst diner I've ever visited. Packed with Penn kids and locals, I excitedly ordered a platter of cheese fries. Imagine my disappointment when they served me a small portion of microwaved American Cheese fries. I think I left in tears. Do not waste your time at this place under any circumstance.
The newly vamped, Northern Liberties hot spot Silk City Diner (435 Spring Garden Street) is too trendy to be a diner in my expert opinion. It is delicious but not super cheap. They offer plenty of fancy drinks, making this an ideal place for a girl's night out. South Philly's famed Penrose Diner (2016 Penrose Avenue) has some of the most spectacular people watching that you could ever imagine. A Friday night in the heart of South Philly will provide hours of conversation for your table.
Finally, my top rated diner choice is Bella Vista's Morning Glory Diner (735 South 10th Street). The hours are terrible and the servers aren't overly friendly, but it is a wonderful brunch spot if you can withstand a bit of a wait. Be sure to try the homemade ketchup.
Support diners- an American institution. Ben Franklin would have wanted it that way.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


A few things about me. 1.) I have crazy hair that kind of resembles a mop. A sexy sexy mop, of course. 2.) Sometimes I think I might drink too much but the thought of not drinking makes me sad. I likes my wine. Apparently not as much as I likes my liver. 3.) and the most important is that I think I am perpetually trapped in one of those ice breakers. You know the one where you have the piece of paper taped to your forehead and other people have to give you clues about what's written on there? Well I think I've finally begun to narrow mine down. It either says "rebound" or "Person you want to treat like crap".

So the ex, I have now erased him from my life. Finally. It's a New Years resolution that just kind of fell into my lap. And I have his douchebaggines to thank for it. We never talk but he always seems to pop back into my life whenever he likes to and give it a metophical noogie. Usually just around the time when I start seeing someone new or haven't thought of him in a while. I think all exes posses this gift. And I allow him to. Why? Cause he was hot. And even though he was a good guy, he definitely took advantage of me. So last night was the straw that broke the camel's back. He IMed me out of nowhere to wish me a happy new year and tell me that he's sorry he didn't come to my party but he is seeing someone. Oh and that he thought getting drunk around me would be a bad idea and that it was probably bad that he really wished he could be there. Am I missing something? I don't know when I subscribed to updates about his personal life. UNSUBSCRIBE! UNSUBSCRIBE! Remove me from your mailing list. I mean I certainly didn't think he was celibate but I also don't need to know when he's seeing someone. That was one of the benefits to having him hundreds of miles away. Anyway, I feel like I said my piece. That we are not friends, we don't need to talk and him telling me this was purely selfish on his part. He is now blocked. The initial upsetness has been replaced by a weight off my shoulder. I no longer have to wonder when he's going to decide to barge back into my life.

Onto other men. I tried match. I'm only doing it for this month. I've talked to a few nice guys, got winked at by people I'm pretty sure aren't guys yet and decided I am very shallow. It's not for me. While it's kind of addictive, almost like shopping for dudes, it feels a little forced to me.

Oh, and in random news. I get a text from sidehugs (remember him? Cause I barely do) on Friday at like 8 pm. It said "sorry I was such a dick 2 u". A.) This makes me nervous because I didn't realize he was such a dick to me. And b.) I've come to the conclusion that he's either going through the steps or it was part of a new years resolution.

So now I'm option free, but also ex free. So it's a good feeling. I think I'm going to try to enjoy being on my own a little more rather than trying so hard to look for a cuddle buddy. That's what cats are for. Now if I can only keep them from scratching my face.