Sunday, March 23, 2008

Post Quarter Life crisis

I swear my posts will start getting happier very shortly. I have self diagnosed severe Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Spring is being a big ol' cock tease. Taunting me with her heaving sunshine but she is a frigid one. Brrrr. I need warmth. I need to un pastify. I need to enjoy Rita's without feeling like I am dying from the inside out.

Anyway. So, I'm going to be 27 on Tuesday. My brain knows this is young, but this message is getting lost somewhere in my subconscious. I'm feeling rather old. I thought it was just me until I had an official old moment last night. Allow me to set the scene....

It's Making Time at Transit. I can only liken it to a festival o' hipster. Like carnies, but with tighter pants. So I'm there with my usual crowd of boys, since I have no more single lady friends in the area to speak of. They have all succumb. I notice a cute one giving me the eye and he starts dancing towards me, so I mosey on over. Upon closer dancing I realize he is oh so young. I ask. He's 22. I say ohh you're young. I tell him how old I am and he says. "Wow. I've never talked to anyone that old at a bar before. You look at least 5 years younger than that."

Yowch. The horror. So I backed away slowly, blending into the flailing crowd.

I think that made me put my desperate shoes on cause then I spotted another cute one and strapped on my lager balls and that convo went something like this.

me: I'm trying to hit on you
him: Oh, I didn't notice. I'm leaving though.
me: Oh well. You win some, you lose some.
him: Consider this one a tie.

What???????? That was the saddest excuse for witty banter/ rejection I've ever heard.

So it seems that all of my single friends are in the same position I am. Severe dry spell. I'm blaming the weather. We're hot and it should be, too.

Operation Me Time hit a snag this week. I drank 6 out of 7 days, which means my liver is about the only thing getting a work out. That changes this week.Back to the gym. Aside from B-day mojitos at Alma de Cuba of course. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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