Sunday, April 27, 2008


Lots of changes in Colleenland lately. None of them boytastic. That is at a complete and utter standstill. I'm fine with that. Why? Cause it's sunny outside. Who needs a boy when I can stay warm all by myself? That came out differently than I meant it to. Anyway, I'm starting a new job tomorrow. Ratio of 90% excited to 10% nervous. I've been on controlled unemployment this week. Completely wonderful. I, of course, drank too much but had just the right number of roof deck bbq's. So aside from a gigunda zit on my chin, every thing's swell. I was supposed to go to my first meet up tonight but I couldn't find anyone with car to go with me and it's allllllll the way in the North East. Next time.

We tried out a new dance spot on Friday. The Barbary. It was ok. Kinda like dancing in teenage hipster soup . But wherever Madonna, Michael, and Prince go, so shall I.

Since I have no updates of the man variety at the moment, I'll share from you a tale from the youth.

The time. Somewhere between 2nd and 3rd grades(89-90ish.) It was the skating party. Couples skate. And I had to pay a quarter to get the cute boy to skate with me (don't laugh a quarter could get you far those days. A whole soda or a pretzel.) Anyway, he came up to me later with the quarter and his mom waiting in the wings. She was making him give it back. Hell yeah. I already had the skate and now could kick back with a nice cold Coke. Life was gooood.

RIP: WAWA at 20th and Chestnut. Another one bites the dust.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Meet market

Hello friends. It's been a little while, mostly because there hasn't been much to write about. Thankfully the weather is getting warmer, which means I am getting slightly more motivated to be active. So I've tried match, I've tried bars, now it's on to the next phase. Philly meet ups. I was perusing the interwebs last night and came across this lovely site. And I have devised a plan. Every month, until I get sick of it, I am going to go to a different one. I think I am going to save the Furry meetup and anything sports related until the very end. Nothing against the furries but I'm just not willing to test the beastiality waters at this time. So goodbye comfort zone, hello playing scrabble with 40-50 somethings. Maybe they will have hot sons for me to play with. I'll let you know how my first one goes. It's scheduled for the end of the month.