Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday I'm in like

So I have my second (fifth) date with sidehugs tonight. I can't help thinking that I need a new nickname for him but we'll stick with this one for the time being. So far, so good. He's still quite the texter, and even texted a cancellation again last weekend. But I'm willing to overlook that one slightly because we had just made tentative plans the night before and, well let's face it, I'm pretty desperate. But he's picked up the phone quite a few times. So we'll see how tonight goes. He's supposed to pick the spot since I picked the last one. But I hate leaving the planning up to others, especially boys.

So the pluses about this guy. He's older than me, but doesn't act it. In a good way. Funny, Nice. And it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. Oh, and he's not so computer savvy, so there's less of a chance of him finding this. I don't know that I can handle that awkwardness again. The only thing I have to get used to is the cuddling. He seems to be a big fan, I'm not so much. But since I haven't had the man touch in a while, I'll make an exception.

In other news, my forehead decided that date day is a great time to sprout a third eye. I don't know if any amount of makeup is going to contain this beast. I may have to take off the cami that brings my outfit from "cute" to "boobalicious". What to do, what to do. But I'm assuming the third degree burns that I received at the beach on Monday that left me tie dyed, may be enough of a distraction. (Today was the first day I decided to brave the pain of shaving... needless to say it was quite the undertaking.)

OK I'm going to sit here and use my ichat cam to stare at my zit and talk myself off of a ledge for a few hours.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Return of the Sidehug

Ahhh nothing like Spring Showers to create a little oasis in the desert that was my love life. Not sure how long you've been hanging out with us, but way back, pre match days I went out with this dood a few times. The pluses, he was hot. Great combo of hipster and successful (meaning he has a job, but looks like he doesn't.) The bad.. I think I was still a little hung up on my ex at that point, so I wasn't really into this guy and made up little reasons to stop talking to him. Although I still think texting to cancel a date is poor form. Anyway back in Nov, we went out a few times and it culminated to an awkward slobbery car kiss and we kinda just mutually stopped talking to one another. So last weekend, I ran into him for the first time since at JB's. Holy hell I forgot how hot he was. A tasty little nonconformist nugget. So he texted (no shocker there) and asked me to go out this week. We went out last night to... let's say it together now... Black Sheep. My roommate said that I should start thinking of another usual haunt, because this one is obviously cursed, but I decided to challenge the gods one more time.

I think it worked. I actually had a great date.We laughed, we drank. He embraced my potty humor. And just like that... the desert bloomed. So what next? Who knows. I got the morning text, but it wasn't anything to write home about, just the status of his hangover. But at this point, I will not overthink. Even if I don't hear from him again, he made me remember the fun little butterfly nervous part of dating. You know the part that you hate to love. Le sigh. 

That's all for now.

Go to Madonna, Michael, Prince on the Moshulu tomorrow.

 I am.  

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The desert below

That's right folks 3 months into a dry spell and still counting. No end in sight. Hence no posts in a while. Thankfully for me there's been other distractions. Namely fantastic new job and new friends (still miss my boos from the old though, but I see 'em lots.)  That's been fun. I've been drinking more than usual, which is going to make me fat soon, I'm sure of it. But until then I'm just gonna go with it. Secondly, my lovers, otherwise known as my game night crew recently purchased rock band. My partner at work (the AD to my CW) thinks I'm a nerd cause I play that stuff instead of instead of Grand Theft Auto IV. Sorry, not interested. I just want games that make me feel like the superstar I think I am. I want someone to come up with a game that has an avatar of me walking up and down catwalks complete with outfit changes and Right Said Fred. My God. I really am a gay man. 

If that's the case, I may be all set cause I'm headed to Pure tomorrow night for Making Time. 
Otherwise I think I may have just plain given up on meeting anyone. I can't see it happening anytime soon. Thankfully the weather has been fantastic and warm, which cushions the blow. Or lack thereof. 

Another weekend, other chance to strap on the dancing shoes. Saturday night will be Los Campesinos at Johnny Brenda's and I couldn't be more excited. I lurve them. Their music makes me smile and shake my tushie.

So I used to work at a rivet factory as a job during breaks in College. Yes, I had to wear stee-tipped boots and safety glasses. It was so boring that one day I made up a little jingle called the Rivet is gonna get Ya. Sung to the tune of that well known Gloria Estefan ditty. Anyway, I randomly got an email from this old guy that I used to work there with telling me he loves me. So help me, if this dry spell keeps up, I might just write back. 


Sorry. That was a whole lotta nothing. But odds are if you're reading this, you're bored at work anyway.