Thursday, May 22, 2008

Return of the Sidehug

Ahhh nothing like Spring Showers to create a little oasis in the desert that was my love life. Not sure how long you've been hanging out with us, but way back, pre match days I went out with this dood a few times. The pluses, he was hot. Great combo of hipster and successful (meaning he has a job, but looks like he doesn't.) The bad.. I think I was still a little hung up on my ex at that point, so I wasn't really into this guy and made up little reasons to stop talking to him. Although I still think texting to cancel a date is poor form. Anyway back in Nov, we went out a few times and it culminated to an awkward slobbery car kiss and we kinda just mutually stopped talking to one another. So last weekend, I ran into him for the first time since at JB's. Holy hell I forgot how hot he was. A tasty little nonconformist nugget. So he texted (no shocker there) and asked me to go out this week. We went out last night to... let's say it together now... Black Sheep. My roommate said that I should start thinking of another usual haunt, because this one is obviously cursed, but I decided to challenge the gods one more time.

I think it worked. I actually had a great date.We laughed, we drank. He embraced my potty humor. And just like that... the desert bloomed. So what next? Who knows. I got the morning text, but it wasn't anything to write home about, just the status of his hangover. But at this point, I will not overthink. Even if I don't hear from him again, he made me remember the fun little butterfly nervous part of dating. You know the part that you hate to love. Le sigh. 

That's all for now.

Go to Madonna, Michael, Prince on the Moshulu tomorrow.

 I am.  

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KittySaidWhat?! said...

boys can be so annoying, but really, they're just the most fun ever!!!!