Tuesday, March 11, 2008


First off, I would like to apologize to those coming here looking for actual relevant cultural info. Apparently my cohorts have lives, so it looks like you're stuck reading about my dating (or lack thereof at the current moment.) While I haven't had anything happen in quite the while (so little if fact, that I ran into, and consequently made out with that one match guy that I mentioned in earlier posts.)

So today, after searching the missed connections for word from any of those little 18 yr old hotties that were too afraid to approach me at the Justice show last night (Can you be 26 and a cougar?), I read this article sent to me by a friend. Single men, read this. Learn it, live it.

OK back to work.


ntacsback said...

You're not supposed to be drunk on the first date? I thought girls liked that because it made guys easier.

KittySaidWhat?! said...

i will never be tired of reading about your dating mishaps, it's nice to know someone else shares my suffering/amusement/occasional glee.

Anonymous said...

haha you can be a cougar at any age. I'm all about cougarism. Scoop up the youngins while you can.

Anonymous said...

the link doesn't work, it must have expired?