Sunday, December 14, 2008


Along with the Holidays comes a barrage of parties and a barrage of hopes that Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Moderately Steady Make out, might be a friend of a friend that said friends just forgot to mention before. Or maybe that they deemed undatable do to some character flaw that I may just be desperate enough to overlook. Thus far, no such luck.

But it's OK, what they lack in mens, they makeup for in delicious holiday treats. Last night was a packed one. First, I met a college friend and all of her new friends at Tequila's. And let me tell ya, after about one of 2 margarita's, those repressed college memories started flowing like brain farts after a memory lane enchilada. I felt 8 pairs of eyes staring at me in judgement. So of course. I thought it best to drink more.

Next stop, friend's holiday party, which was wonderful and I was just sober enough to enjoy that my friends weren't. But I had to make an appearance so I left for the third. The third was the coolest/ weirdest holiday party I've ever been to. But I found it difficult to socialize do to the fact that I couldn't tear my eyes of the 2 hour long hippy dance off taking up the majority of the living room, while we crowded to the sides. It's all a blur of wine and patchouli. So around 3 am we decide to cab it home, and some kid stole our cab from under our noses. So cabbie felt bad as he drove by and I gave him a thumbs down and took us as well. And then began the most awkward cab ride ever. This dude, my friend and I in the back/ Her bf in the front. When said dude was safely zonked out, I proceeded to have a convo with my friends. Dood would wake occasionally to heartily agree with me on whatever point I was making, then zonk again.

Then I had to ride with him in silence between my friends' stop and mine. At his stop I was like "Well, see ya". And he (obviously gay) leans in gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and left. As I watched in shock the cabbie said "Hmm.. I think I gotta start doing that with all of my costumers."

Moral of the story. Holiday love is where you least expect it. For, me it's in a cab smelling of second hand patchouli.


djdeejay said...

a new colleen blog!!!
yes :)
I've been waiting

Anonymous said...

big holliday with wine ;)