Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So far, fall is quite fantastic, even though my prediction of an end to singledom has not come to fruition. I don't need a man to go on a hayride. I actually was grabbed repeatedly by some prepubescent screamy teenage girls. So I'll take it where I can get it. I do have a new love in my life though, another cat. We've named her Sophia in hopes that naming her after the late great Estelle Getty character will give her a better fate than her unfortunate predecessor, Sweet Dee. God rest her soul.

Tonight, I will be casting aside my fear of crowds and my disdain of Douchebags to join the massive crowds of drunken douchebags on broad (knock knock knock on wood.) Good luck, Phils. In honor of the Phils I will include this little Phillies gem.

Random thoughts
For now I have officially been eating better in hopes of shedding 5 lbs somewhere. Cutting my drinking to 3 days a week, World Series/ Halloween weeks are an exception. And right now I am surprisingly non boy crazed. I'm OK not to be seeing anyone of note and enjoying my new attire brought on by new funds from new jobs. So yes, I'm alone. But I'm looking good doing it.

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