Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Google vs. Drunk Colleen

I know we've all done it. In fact, I think Megan has already blogged about it's cellular counterpart. But once again, Google has improved my well being and self worth. Thank you, Internet friends.

And by the 7th time one of my friends called this to my attention, I figured it was blog worthy.

Well as you may have heard, the geniuses at the Google have created a function for gmail called mail goggles. It's for those nights when you get home at 3 in the morning, and after that heart to heart with the cabbie you decide that you really really need to get back with your ex. Well for me the drunk emails moreso consisted of me telling them what horrible people they are. Anyway, you pick a time frame and the days (for most it's Fridays and Saturdays, I personally chose Tuesdays through Sundays from 11pm-4am.) Before you hint send on that sometimes love filled, sometimes hate filled, sometimes both filled email, the Google elves ask you a serious of Math questions. If you get 'em right, you've earned your shame. If you get 'em wrong, erase that draft and tomorrow morning while you're downing your gatorage, you can turn it into a thank you letter to the powers that be.

Thank you Google. Now, come up with something for my phone. As of now drunk colleen thinks if she erases sent texts, sober colleen won't remember what she has done in the morning. Doesn't work so well. Shame lingers.

Have at it.


Megan said...

You need all technology disabled. In fact, I think you need to be in a room with no windows or sharp objects- just til' you sober up!

Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for a new blog!
glad to see i had another fun one to read today :)
dj deejay

Colleen said...

ps: it works. I got home after my bowling league last night and tried to send out some (innocent) emails and was stumped by math. I had to wait to send it today