Sunday, August 17, 2008


My tendency to date assholes makes it pretty easy to not fall back into old habits. As they cancel on me before I get the chance to. Probably better. So I replaced him with a day of tubbing in New Hope. It was glorious even though I had a near death experience with a rope swing, and lost my beer whilst chasing down runaway flip flops. The latter was probably the scarier of the two, I was really enjoying that beer.

Anyway, I'm feeling moderate to high annoyance with PAWS at the moment. While I would always encourage people to foster or adopt from there. Dee got very sick last week, and all of our calls went unanswered. We ended up having to take her to UPenn pet hospital. They wanted to charge us thousands of dollars for a kitten we had had 4 days, and were just fostering. Since PAWs is supposed to take care of the medical care at no cost we brought her there. When we did, we were basically yelled at for not keeping her at UPenn and shelling out the grandplus. Keep in mind Upenn said they couldn't believe PAWS gave us such sickly kittens as first time fosterers. So they had to put her to sleep, and Charlie who was doing fine is now seeming sick. So we're opting to spend the money at VCA cat hospital rather then risk getting sub par care at paws. I hope he's OK.


Anyway. All of this cat/money trouble and paired with never ending dry spell are really grating on my nerves. It's like I'm getting a second period. Cut to me, on my couch spooning a kitten crying to the Notebook on the Family Channel. Ahhhh life is good.

Time for Mad Men

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Anonymous said...

Dry spell?!
How could a guy not want a menstruating, crazy cat lady, with a body like a goddess? Pffft! You're making that up.