Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Olive branch

Whoops. OK. So a little while back I wrote a scathing blog about DJ Deejay. He found it, explained himself and apologized. You can read that here

So I will accept this apology and will go further than that, I'll attend this Friday's MMP on the boat. Well not so much to make peace as I feel the strong urge to shake my shit. 

Let's do this. 


md said...

Also, sorry about the name comment.

djdeejay said...

I am happy to hear you'll be attending this fridays event :)
As an added gesture, I'd like to extend guest list spots to you and your people for the party this friday.
Send me your full name and the names of all the people you'd like on your guest list to my myspace account.
Again, the security that was responsible for the conduct on July 4th will NOT be present for this Fridays event. So no worries for any of us there.
I'd like to also extend a $50 bar tab on me for the trouble you endured at previous events.
Hope to get to meet you on Friday!
dj deejay

the real voice of reason said...

i was gonna call you a pussy for rescinding your scathing review...instead, i'll let you put me on that list and buy me a drink with that tab...

Anonymous said...

how nice...dj deejay rocks! :)