Monday, July 28, 2008

Preparing for the worst

This is me. How many months into this little blog experiment and pretty much two to eighty four steps behind where I started out. I say this because I am currently sitting at my computer with a glass of red wine and a book entitled Cat's for Dummies simultaneously begging my friends to take their scrabulous turns (you know who you are you heartless bastards). Oh, and I am also wearing a sundress that is hiding the pudge of oncoming menstrosity, that I can only liken to a moo moo. I think I'm giving up. I'm not sure what to do, outside of moving out of this city, to meet a decent fella. Or at the very least have a whole lot of fun with a not so decent one. I'm not above it at the moment. I think I'll be past this mope fest once flow's left town and I take my 3 day beach weekend. 'Cause as much as I miss man touch. I love this city far too much to leave it. Rapes, muggings, murders and all. They just add character. PIZAAAAAAZ.

All in all, although my weekends have been boyless, they have been quite filling. Notable mention would be this past Saturday at Yakatori Boy when we took to the mic to sing "I wanna dance with somebody" and there was a room full of strangers dancing on chairs. Must go back soon.

In other news, my old roomie is moving in with her boyfriend, which means she's taking the cats. So we decided to get kittens. Now I will officially be crossing the line from person who lives with cat lady, to official cat lady. But cuteness overrides all. I'm OK with it.

Gah, oh well. I'm going to glass number two and will top it off with my Monday night listening to This American life. Tomorrow night, back to the prowl. I will be going with friend to see We Are Scientists at Johnny Brenda's. And I'm sure all I'll be returning with is a belly full of beer and my feets sore from dancin.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry - you're not the only one going through this mope fest!!