Tuesday, September 02, 2008


It's Tuesdaymonday. You know, the Tuesday after a long weekend, that has all of the pitfalls of a Monday but's a touch closer to Friday. Wow, even writing that cheered me up a little. That and I feel gross today so I'm wearing a sass little outfit. I have soooo much work to do before heading off to Ireland, the home of my drunken ancestors, that I figure I should put it off with a little blog action.

It was a good weekend filled with many bad dance dance floor decisions. Music provided by DJ Deejay DJ both nights. Thanks again, yo.  

Dude I made out with was nice, but not my type. Very... pretty. He asked for my phone # and if I recall I was listed as "ajsadh" so I figured I wouldn't have to dodge him later. Cut to last night, I never get phone calls and was expecting one from the rents so when it rang, I answered without looking. Whoops. It was him. I was so caught off guard, I agreed to go out with him this week (saying I would get back to him on the day thinking that would buy me time to think of an excuse.) The more I talk to people I think I may just go. Whatever. 

So my parents came for dinner and met my new cat. I had the sinking feeling that they think this is the only grandchild they will ever have. As they came bearing gifts for him and my dad said Charlie bears a striking resemblance to my mother's side of the family. Le sigh. 

OK time to get crackin on some work, aka stare at my computer screen for 2 hours then go to lunch. 

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Anonymous said...

Colleen where ya been? What's new? What's shakin? I miss your posts!