Sunday, December 30, 2007

Better Late than Never

It's been a very busy holiday season for this philly girl. I spent the better part of the last month being eaten alive by every flu, cold and sinus infection that came to town, fretting over work, and stressing over choosing the perfect gift for each of my various in-laws. But all's well that ends well, and now on a rainy and hung-over last Sunday of '07 I have some time to reflect on the season's activities. I did manage to make it to a few lovely holiday events and while it does little good for you readers to hear about them after they are over, for next year's holiday cheer I highly recommend the holiday home tour through Elfreth's Alley. For one evening in early December the residents of this, the nation's oldest continually inhabited residential street, open their doors to the public to tour their adorable and historically significant humble abodes. The houses are all dressed up for Christmas, trees trimmed and fires blazing in each living room. There was even a slight snowfall for effect. And Elfreth's is just a stone's throw from The Race Street Cafe, which has a great cozy ambiance and creative beer selection, a perfect winter warm up spot.

One more recommendation that maybe some last-minute types such as myself can take advantage of for one more week - not a holiday theme but certainly a nice family-friendly outing if you have guests coming in from out of town or if you're just looking for a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon. The Renoir exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is really spectacular. It takes you through his life and loves and his experiences of Paris, London, and his travels through the coast of Italy, Algiers, and other colorful and lively destinations. You see paintings of every day life, of young men having drinks or his good friends painting in their back yards. Nevermind that his best friend just happens to be Monet.

The exhibit is here through to 01.06, so you still have time! Run the Rocky stairs straight into Renoir's world.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Benjamin Franklin Parkway

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