Friday, September 21, 2007

Just don't call me baby, baby!

So, this is my first post in... ahem... maybe nine months.... And this week a friend staying with me, who I hadn't seen in a long long time, at one point turned to me with a smirk on his face: "Confess. Where are you hiding the baby?"

OH LOOK HOW I FOOLED YOU!! No, I didn't have a baby (the gut is all croissant fueled) I am just the absolute most devoted person to baby products. Ever. I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, and due to years of trial and error in testing things to help sooth it one thing was clear: stick to the basics. No posh face creams for me, no creme de la mer or chanel no 5. Baby lotion and eau de moi does fine just thanks.
As you can see from the picture, I turn to baby products for just about all my beauty needs, bar the bikini wax. Here's a quick rundown of some of my choices:

1. Baby wipes. For... everything. Removing makeup. Quick clean up of the sink. Removing deodorant stains. Even wiping my botty. Works for that too.

2. Aveeno Soothing Relief Lotion. I cannot praise this enough. I only need the teeniest bit and it soothes my skin like ambrosia of the gods. If you could buy that at target. I know that Aveeno makes an eczema line too, but as I mentioned above once I found something that works I don't mess with it.

3. J&J Bedtime Cream Wash. I used to hate baths until I realised that they really did relax me and that if I bathed with this stuff it left a yummy moisturising film on me (just like in the ads... damn them) and makes me smell yummy. I don't know if I've been brainwashed by its name, but I really do feel soothed by the smell. After all, it's formulated with NATURALCALM™... You can't argue with science like that.

4. Baby Oil. This used to be my eye makeup remover because I swear it could take of cement and sleeping with any remaining eye makeup never works out well for me as I end up looking like I got elbowed in the eye during the night (which happened once, by the way). But I found that because I wear contact lenses the two things don't compliment each other. I do keep it around though for any time I use waterproof mascara, which may as well be made of cement, it's great to apply before shaving and... massages. But you already knew about that.

5. Baby Cologne. Whoever decided that babies need a cologne is INSANE. I however enjoy the gentle fragrance for myself when I just want to smell fresh. I've got something more adult when it's time to make my move, don't you worry.

6. Cetaphil. Oooh cetaphil how I love you. Above using it generally for cleaning, I also use it as my exfoliator in combination with exfoliator pads from the body shop. This is is a great way for anyone who has a trusted facial cleanser to double task it. Who has enough room for extra lotions in the medicine cabinet anyway?

Also in the house is baby powder, of course great for stinky shoes but also super at getting out grease stains. Baby shampoo is good for pink eye, and also make up removal if you're brave enough to lather up your eye. And you may have read in the paper lately that Pedialyte is more effective that Gatorade for the sporty types looking for rehydration.

So before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, maybe just ditch the baby. It'll only be hogging the good stuff.

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