Friday, September 21, 2007

New Colleen 1: Dating 0.

The first date (cue ominous music)...

How we met. We have mutual friends, but didn't know each other. He saw my profile on one of said friend's MySpace and got my IM. Ahhh, cyber dating. Old Colleen would have said "no", simply because he's not my usual type. See, I tend to err towards hipster and this guy's more of a Soprano (key differentiator, one showers the other doesn't). But New Colleen was into it. He suggested Tequila's and won me over immediately. Allow me to digress, when I went on my last actual date (there was snow on the ground) the guy took me to Mad Mex in University City. Don't get me wrong, it's perfect for its famous "Big Azz Margaritas" but not so great for a romantic afternoon date. I was carded by the hostess. The fact Gotti and I were going to an actual grown-up place was refreshing.

Preparation. This was tough. I shaved my right leg, thought better of it so when it came to my left I only shaved from the knee down (there had been proper maintenance up to this point so it didn't affect my balance). Megan vetoed my normal comfy/ cute outfit choices and made me break out the big guns, New Years Eve shirt '07. After my Pre-date glass of wine, we met at my street and walked over. The restaurant was everything I hoped it would be. The food was delicious, for the appetizer we had Queso Fundido (melted cheese with meat on top that you put in a tortilla... mmm cheese), and for the main course Cochinita Pibil (pork... mmm meat). For drinks I went with 2 mojitos (mmmm liquid courage).

Overall the conversation flowed easily. I gathered he was a little nervous because he went on a few tangents, then asked if he was talking too much (I think it was around the 10th time i said "right" and nodded my head). But I would take that over awkward silence any day. Apparently everything I did was "adorable" from my apathy for sports to my dumb joke about bringing a doggie bag home for the cats (Yes, I said cats. Plural. Don't judge.) My favorite quote of the night would have to be when he said "Yeah, I'm emotional and sentimental and all that shit." After said date he walked me home and didn't try to kiss me, which was admittedly a relief (baby steps). But I didn't want him to think I had a bad time, so I actually said "Let's hug it out". Yes. I said that out loud.

Anyway. First date was an overall success. This weekend, I'm going to West Chester to visit my girls. Let's see what tasty nuggets the burbs have to offer.

1602 Locust Street


aric said...

I do love the liquid courage at tequillas, it just hits the spot.

Dave said...

Glad to see you cut the guy some slack on the first date. You know, there's a lot of self imposed pressure for a guy on a first date; 'I can't be boring', 'Don't say anything stupid', 'How can I mask the fact that my good-angle Myspace images are from four years and forty pounds ago?'

If you're going to West Chester may I suggest a couple places to try (and avoid):
Kooma: great Sushi, classy place
Baxters: (avoid) College Kids, MGD and puking
Iron Hill: Great Nachos
Kildares: Loud, Crowded and Irish . . . good with a group.
Coyote: Roof deck is awesome, avoid the actual inside of the wanna-a-be club.
Pietro's Prime: Amazing steak, a tad expensive.

You can find profiles for all these restaurants on and many more to browse. Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to your reading about your West Chester

Colleen said...

Ohhhh does mean I have a following? Or has my mom finally leaned how to use the computer. I'm going to assume the former. Well, mom.

I didn't write anything because it wouldn't have been a ringing endorsement for West Chester (through no fault of the WC.) I had a lovely dinner with my ladies. We caught up. I drank. Then we went to Barnabys which was overcrowded and creepy. I didn't like it one bit. It made me miss the city. But at least I got to shake my shoulders a little and played Shuffleboard and the Balarny stone (ahhh I missed shuffleboard and don't know where to find it in the city.)

Next time I go to WC I'll made sure to take the advice of WC dish and go somewhere a little classier than I.

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