Saturday, October 06, 2007


Pardon my lack of coherence in this one, as my head has been completely consumed by the temperamental bitch that is the flu. Maybe it's of the bird variety. Being that I've already created a sizable dent on my couch and have gone through every program I dvred in the past year, I've decided to be productive. So, I've picked up my bag of dirty tissues and moved the 4 feet to the computer. Annnd I'm spend.

So, I had my date with the guy from grade school the other night (no he's not in actually in grade school, I went to grade school with him and reconnected through intensive MyStalking). We went for a drink after work (which turned into 3, which then turned into 5, which turned into a blur-- I think at one point we started playing quarters at the table) at The Black Sheep. This one was interesting because I knew him, but hadn't seen him since 5th grade. I mean, my taste has changed a little since my youth. Back then my turn ons included, but were not limited to, pinching and hair pulling. Hmmm, on second thought maybe I haven't changed all that much.

All in all, it was a good date. We laughed a whole lot. Reminisced about the time I kicked him in the balls in the recess yard and he told me that my nickname used to be spewie, which I was unaware of (I had a slight problem with motion sicknessback then). The beauty of this date was that there was no awkwardness. So I'd def go out with him again. Not sure if there was any spark though. That's what I'm going to be looking for in dates to come, but I'm not 100% convinced sparks actually happen.
So he emailed the next day, and asked to go out again. I think I will.

Total sneezes while writing post: 6
OK enough of this productivity nonsense. I'm too sick to think. I'm gonna go take drugs. Lots of drugs. Bring on the drugs.


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