Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Haunted Happenings

Looking for something scary to do before Halloween? Well my game night crew (yes, I realize how awesome this makes me sound) and I went to the Sleepy Hallow Haunted Hayride in Newtown this weekend. The Hayride alone is $15, but you can also get a bundle package which includes the hayride, clown vortex, haunted house and corn maze. Oh and yes you read that correctly, a clown vortex. When we got there at about 9 on Sat, the line was insanely long. I didn't think we'd even be able to make it on the ride, but we were told if we wanted to pay $10 more we could buy "RIP" tickets which bring you directly to the front of the line. Well worth the extra money. The hayride, while cheesy at times actually had a lot of legitimately scary moments. I may have jumped onto the calm little girl sitting in front of me and I think I have prevented one of my friends from having children. After the hayride's over, there are plenty of bonfires around and a band. So we broke out our smore paraphernalia and natty's (it's byob) and went to town.

Aside from the couple with their tongues down each others throats on the ride (sometimes a fake chainsaw just gets you in the mood). And the fact that when the band played Cotton Eye Joe, everyone else there knew some sort of line dance, I would highly recommend as a good night out with the friends.

Grab your wieners and your natty's and get to hayridin'.

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