Friday, October 12, 2007

Hire Me, Please.

I remember a time, at the tender age of 22, when I was excited to bid adieu to college and start my wildly successful career. Oh the paychecks, the working woman clothes (I would look great in a classic Chanel suit), glamorous business trips, the promotions, the sheer grandeur!

Then I woke up. The cold, harsh reality of monotonous administrative office work began to eat at me from day 1. Alright, so maybe I never had " career goals" per say. Sure, I thought things would simply fall in to place if I could just be patient. Granted, I work at a place that has skyrocketing levels of executive turn over, and all the money makers are chauvinistic/egotistical lecherous men, and we teeter dangerously close to bankruptcy each year. Still, I used to have pep talks with myself while fighting back tears in the shower each morning before work. In each chat, I'd assure myself that "my talents would be recognized and I'd soar, all the way to the top". Oh, poor naive girl.
This unfortunate tale leaves me where I am today, dear reader- in the same dead end job for 3 years. Sadly, still light years away from the Chanel suit. I fear I'll never know anything but H&M. Every day I job hunt. I interview every now and then too. Still, nothing. While frustrated and anxious, I haven't given up. I remain hopeful. One day somebody will hire me. And I will be one step closer to the ideal job I've so skillfully created in the inner chambers of my mind.

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