Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remedy Tea Bar

I grew up in England where a cup of tea is pretty much the glue that holds the country together. It fixes anything; tough day at work? Cuppa tea. Can’t find the remote? Cuppa tea. Arm fallen off? Cuppa tea. But it just doesn’t taste the same here. I can’t tell you why, but even tea I’ve brought back just doesn’t taste quite right. And so, for the longest time I boycotted the Remedy Tea Bar. I would have nothing to do with their Dirty Chai lattes, or their Cosmopolitan Mar”tea”nis or even their Black Tea Remedies, which you’d think from the name would really could mend a fallen off arm in a snap.

But my boycott was swiftly lifted once I was dragged in and handed a Cool Green Blended tea. It’s a scary looking beverage, I’ll admit, as it looks distinctly like a radioactive frappacino. But it is DELICIOUS. It’s like blended, creamy health. And all the creaminess only comes from skim milk so you don’t even have to pretend it’s good for you.

It was my fave drink of the summer and I can tell the rest of their menu will get me through the cold winter months. And with their slogan, “serving the hot and the cool”, how can I resist? Remedy Tea Bar, you have changed my tea drinking ways.

Remedy Tea Bar, 1628 Sansom Street,

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