Saturday, September 16, 2006


Hello! I am Michele and this is my son Owen and we will be heading the urban mommy section of Girl About Philly. We are here to help all of Philly's urban mommies seek out the fabulous family-friendly fun that our great city has to offer. We are always on the move looking for the best gear, the cutest clothes, the most fabulous activities and of course places for mommy and baby to unwind. Owen has no problem listing his picks and pans for his 16 months of Philly experiences. He loves a cold sippy cup of milk, soft pretzels, a good board book and showing everyone his belly. I am a coffee addict who works away from home 3 days a week and is always looking for new and exciting adventures to share with Owen...while attempting to stick to a budget!

I've been living in Philly for almost 5 years and am thrilled to be starting a site dedicated to all the Girls about Philly especially those trying to balance a cup of coffee while toting a diaper bag, pushing a stroller and passing goldfish and sippy cups to the newest addition to their fabulous urban lives.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH! At first, I was just seeing sexy Erin with her adorable little handbags (totally incapable of holding the mountains of stuff I travel with!) No offense, Erin, and you certainly take me back to my younger days... but what a great idea to have a Mom on board to help those of us who sport drool spots bigger than your cute little purse :)

- Carmel