Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Birthday Girl

Our first Style on the Street girl :
This is Lekha, the fist unfortunate person to be accosted in the street. It was her birthday today (happy birthday Lekha, tell me if I spelled your name right...) so I was glad to be the person to be the freak parade especially for the occassion.

I saw her walking down the street from quite a way back because of all the bold, bright colors she's wearing. It's not exactly a conventional mix, but that's exactly why I just loved the whole outfit. What you can't see in the picture above is this:

Anyone who can coordinate their earings and purse that well, thus turning her accessories into successories (HA! Look what funniness I did there!) is going straight on this site. Not to mention, her wearing an H&M dress has totally proven that I'm psychic. Kind of.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for picking me - It really made my (birth)day!
and, as a fashiony, somewhat self-indulgent girl living in philly, i'll definitely be visiting this blog often.

good luck with everything!!

(yep, you got it right)

Anonymous said...

Just so Lekha doesn't feel alone in checking herself out... I took a peek and agreed witt the feature. I myself can't match anything more complicated than black on black... so I am always checking out other girls for tips on how to expand.

- Carmel