Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm Meredith, though that's not my first name. I keep my first name semi-secret for all the CIA missions I go on. I grew up all around the world after being recruited as a secret service agent as an infant and sent off to Europe to spy on their playgrounds.

I moved to Philly at the beginning of 2005 to investigate the Eagles, mummer strutting and extensive research on soft pretzels. I'll be using my crazy CIA skills to discover all that makes up daily life in Philly and pass on what I find out here, as well as making sure all the most wanted fashions I actually see on people on the street are posted here for all to admire. So if you see some crazy lady stalking down the street, tapping people on the shoulder and shouting "Where did you get those shoes? H&M? I LOVE YOU!", that's me.

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