Sunday, November 05, 2006

Culture File: Papa Sal

This weekend I was on a quest to find a new Saturday night "spot". I was going to find my Peach Pit if it killed me. And if Dylan McKay walked out of the bathroom and in to my heart, that would be ok too.
Sure, there are places that I've had some fun at, but nothing that really hit home. L'Etage, on Bainbridge Street, used to be fun, but I've grown tired of waiting in line to get in, then paying a cover, then fighting for air to stand, let alone dance, not to mention, the horrendous bar service. So L'Etage and I are officially dunzo. The 700 Club in Northern Liberties is a good place except that the cab fare there and back is like a slap in the face when you're already broke. (ok and I may have been the tacky girl that made out with some guy on the dance floor last week and, therefore, am too embarrassed to go back.)

After some serious My Space stalking, I found a new place to try, Upstairs @ Sal's on 12th and Walnut. The convenience of a place so close to my pad could not be beat. So I rounded up my people and trekked out to Sal's around 11ish. It was like a small dance party in Grandma's attic. There is no cover. The service at the bar is excellent and cheap. And the DJs don't suck. They take requests and even come out and groove with you. It was not at all crowded and everybody looked to be having a great time. If you're looking to change up your Saturday night location, I'd highly recommend you and yours check out Upstairs @ Sal's.
Upstairs @ Sal's. 12th and Walnut St.


Colleen said...

Loved it, would def go again. But there was a serious drawback. They still allow smoking there so I smelled like an ashtray the next day. But that's not much worse than the god awful stench of BO at the 700 club (although we do have fun there). I wonder if I could pull off a clothes pin to the nose.






Anonymous said...

they throw great parties and events/shows there!

Steve Di Stefano, Esq. said...

Hey Megan! Neat Blog article on the Philly nightlife. Now, I gotta go out of work and check out some of these places!

Have a good one!

Stephen M. Di Stefano, Esq.