Friday, November 10, 2006

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Beauty Queen...

As girls about Philly, we are forever on a quest for health and beauty discoveries (and by health, I mean the occasional light beer substitution and by beauty, I mean shaving my legs.) So ta da- welcome to our newest category, creatively titled Health and Beauty.

Let me begin by telling you a very sad story about a girl (a lovely young woman, I might add)who has had problem skin (fine, acne) since...oh in utero. Maybe not that far back..but close. Seriously it's been forever. She tried everything from facials to Proactiv to dermatologists and prescription creams and antibiotics. Nothing worked. One fine day, a coworker tipped her off about a little place called Rescue Rittenhouse Spa and a woman named Rachel. Our little pimple victim promptly scheduled an appointment with Rachel, the miracle worker. Rachel assessed the situation and offered hope and guidance. Problem skin girl began to see Rachel and had all kinds of facials performed, even microdermabrasion. Slowly, but surely, her skin began improving. She would even go on to receive compliments on her complexion!

Let me just forewarn you that it can be pricey. But, for those of us who have skin issues, it's a great investment.

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