Monday, November 20, 2006

Useful Gifts the Series -Part 1 Labels

My days of having Sharpie marker staining my hands are over. Thank goodness for "Stuck on You" personalized stickers! Most mommies spend considerable amounts of time labeling their kids bottles, sippy cups, clothes, shoes and toys. Working mommies are one with the Sharpie, dutifully scribbling their child's name on every blessed thing that their kid brings to school or day care. I have recently said goodbye to my multitude of permanent markers...which by the way are not dishwasher proof on sippy cups and food containers.

I have become a huge fan of these adorable personalized stickers which cleverly adorn just about everything my son owns. This incredibly smart product is a fabulous gift for all the special mommies in your life. Actually, if my husband is reading this (which he better be) I would be very happy to get some of the shoe and clothing labels for our son. The web site is very cute and easy to navigate and their selection is unbelievable. They have small dot stickers and the larger character stickers featured above. For kids with allergies they have personalized no nuts, no eggs and no dairy stickers for food containers and lunchboxes. The site allows you to pick from hundreds of icons, colors and fun shapes. They also offer personalized gift tags (way cheaper than buying a card for every birthday party our little social butterflies attend), luggage tags, pencil/marker stickers, shoe and clothing labels and personalized notepads and calling cards for all those playdate connections. For those moms who are trying to potty train or get their kids to do their chores, "Stuck on You" offers great motivational sticker charts.

You too can abandon your Sharpie markers and just pop these microwave and dishwasher safe stickers on any and all of your childrens belongings. Add these to your Holiday wish lists...I always embrace the useful stocking stuffer (yes honey, I do consider diamonds to be a useful stocking stuffer) and will certainly be ordering some for my mommie friends. Stay tuned for more useful mommie gift ideas!

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