Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Sweet Fix

You never know when you're going to get a craving for a cupcake. I used to have quite the habit. And as every cupcake connoisseur knows, it's not easy to find a delicious and fresh cupcake at 9:00 PM. Fear not, I've found the answer. Whole Foods. I do admit that Whole Foods has (in my opinion) a hit or miss bakery section. Some of their baked goods can be overly rich. However, the cupcakes are yummy when you're in a pinch. Of course, they are not of Naked caliber, but they're good when you need a fix.

I highly recommend the chocolate cupcake. My favorite part of the Whole Foods cupcakes is that they are bigger than average and, therefore, slightly most satisfying. And for the vegan cupcake lover- the vegan vanilla cupcakes are fabulous and my personal favorite. In fact, I've decided that we should pay tribute to our vegan girl about Philly friends and rate the vegan vanilla cupcake. Here it goes:

Appearance: 6 (it could be prettier).
Cakiness: 7 (semi moist)
Icing: 8 (flavorful)
Sweetness: 7
Freshness: 8
Overall Yumminess: 7

My conclusion is that when you're in dire need of a cupcake- Whole Foods is the place to go.

Whole Foods. 929 South St. or 20th and Callowhill


corley said...

I love that you rated the cupcakes along several different parameters. I would not have thought of it. In fact, my post would probably have looked like:
"Late last night I found cupcakes at Whole Foods. They were pretty good."
I normally don't crave cupcakes, but now that I know how they stand at Whole Foods I see a craving in my future - very helpful!

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

you should rate Brown Betty cupcakes down in No Libs. Delish!