Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Head Area Experience

I am a self- confessed hair junkie. There is nothing more rejuvenating to me than a great cut and color. I never go in for a trim. I expect something funky and different every time. My high standards have led me on a bumpy ride throughout the Philly hair salon scene. I've been to lots of salons, rarely going back to the same place more than twice. Therefore, I figured it would be a great public service for me to share my salon knowledge with all the girls about Philly. I'll start with the best and work my way down.

Center City's Head Area piqued my interest after I read some Citysearch reviews. I made an appointment with Stephen and they were able to take me 2 days later. (I also do not have the patience to wait weeks for an appointment.) I was a little nervous because the day of my appointment was the day after the Philadelphia Magazine "Best" list came out and Head Area topped their list. I thought, "um, oh shit. This is going to be a fortune." Sucking it up, I took my Visa and marched on over. The salon is very tiny and located in the back of the Matthew Izzo store. Truth be told, it's kind of a weird vibe. I showed up to my appointment and was seen right away. We discussed my color options. Stephen "got" me. He understood that I like my hair funky and messy and that I'm not a straightening iron kind of girl. The process took a reasonable amount of time (not over 2 hours, like some places). As it came time to pay, I felt my heart racing, hoping I'd still have money left over on my credit card for groceries, but if not, at least I'd have great hair. Well, to my delight, my highlights and cut all totalled came to $110- not bad at all. Five minutes later and less broke than I had anticipated, I was on my merry way with a great cut!
In conclusion, I'd definitely recommend Head Area Salon. The people were nice, the cut and color were great, and it was an all around positive experience.

Head Area. 1109 Walnut St. 215.829.0699.


Anonymous said...

Had Steven cut my hair when he was at East End, and he is great to work with. I know when the new salon launched, a regular cut was $110...perhaps for some, it isn't bad, but after paying $60, including tip, at East End, it's hardly practical.

megan said...

no!! I paid $110 and that included my cut and full highlights. I could NEVER swing $110 for just a haircut!

peter said...

Hello from a fellow Philly blogger!

If you're down for sampling another expensive haircut, all of the hairdressers as Salon Royal Court are awesome, as is the atmosphere - the owners (Rocco & Michael) also deal in antiques. - 822 Spruce St. 215-893-3800