Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coffee and Art Galore at Chapterhouse

Sure, everybody has their favorite coffee shop where they can set up shop to scrutinize and mock the wedding pages of The Times (ok, maybe that's just me), as well as, enjoy coffee and pastries. But, this Girl About Philly has found a way to combine both my love of coffee and my utter and sincere devotion to shopping at Bella Vista's Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery.

Chapterhouse, which is remarkably bright and uncluttered for a coffeehouse, serves organic fair-trade coffee and delicious pastries- (hello awesome cupcakes!) However, I think their real claim to fame lies in all of the art for sale that adorns the walls. Many talented Philly artists are featured and everything is very reasonably priced. The art changes every 2 months. The only drawback is that it takes a couple of weeks for your order to come in so don't wait until the night before your best friend's birthday to buy her that nintendoish looking print that would look super cute in her otherwise fugly bathroom.

Be sure to visit Chapterhouse and check out all of the funky art that is sure to appeal to even the most fickle collector.

Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery. 620 S. 9th St. (between South and Bainbridge Streets). www.chapterhousecafe.org

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Anonymous said...

Philly Mag's latest issue about the best places to live featured the owner couple's apartment which i think is above the coffehouse. He's a fabricator. Worth a look.