Friday, October 13, 2006

The Bugaboo Uncovered

Yes, I am one of the legions of urban mommies who parade around this town pushing their pride and joy in a Bugaboo...and I love it! I use and abuse this stroller everyday and it still climbs out of Philly potholes better than Tiger Woods can get out of a sand trap. We purchased the Bugaboo Frog after hours of research online as well as in-store. My husband created spreadsheets for stroller comparison and price justification and decided that the Bugaboo was the only stroller that met all of our needs and would do so from our child's infancy through toddlerhood. I loved its sleek design, colors, functionality and convenience but the only problem I had was the pricetag. Spending over 700 dollars on a stroller may sound crazy to some people (including myself) but once I saw the Bugaboo, nothing else caught my eye. After about a year of using it, I'm glad I decided to purchase it because it still looks and works as if it is brand new and it has easily and smoothly navigated the craters found throughout Philly's streets. That being said there are some drawbacks to the Cadillac of baby carriages such as the notable lack of cup holders and a snack tray. Driven by my love for the Bugaboo I set out on a quest to find a solution to these flaws and make urban mommydom easier..which is what this blog is all about! So, this is what I discovered...the best cup holder is the liquid holster which can be found at and the only snack tray/sippy cup holder that works well with the Bugaboo is the Siena tray found at The Bugaboo comes equipped with about 6 gallons of storage space and the average toddler travels with about 10-12 gallons of "stuff" so additional storage is essential. Bugaboo has addressed this issue with their stroller diaper bag which retails for a mere $100...mind you this is in addition to the 700 plus dollars you have spent on the stroller itself not to mention the pricey footmuff. I do have the Bugaboo stroller bag, and it does work fabulously, but had I known that a company called Skip Hop makes stroller bags retailing for $64 I probably would have saved a few bucks. I know many Bugaboo pushing mommies who say they couldn't live without their Skip Hop bags which can be purchased at That my friends is all the insider info I have garnered on souping up my baby's phat far as I know they haven't made rims for the Bugaboo yet!


Anonymous said...

This is great! I am not a mommy so I dont have a cool stroller to sup' up .... but the links are great for new mommy gifts!!
esp when you want to give them something that will actually make their life easier!--as opposed to loud bell banging toys for instance =)

Anonymous said...

Well, I haven't found rims yet ... but you have to check out for some great designs.

Finally a stroller cup holder worthy of my Bugaboo!

Have fun shopping and keep your eyes open for those rims. :0)

Lauren Moore said...


My name is Lauren Moore and I am a mother and inventor who has developed a very useful accessory for the Bugaboo Brand Cameleon and Frog Stroller models.

The accessory is a patent pending, detachable snack tray for the child that can be used in place of the stroller's handlebar.

Please feel free to visit my website for more information

I am currently working on manufacturing this product and your feedback would be very much appreciated in order to expedite its availability in the marketplace

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Moore
Tray Vous

Anonymous said...

Not only is this product not patent pending, which by the way is illegal to state, it is not endorsed by Bugaboo. Bringing into question the safety and legitimacy of the product. I have called Bugaboo and they are investigating this product and are considering legal action.

Anonymous said...

great research. thanks! i just ordered the cup holder and btw my pottery barn diaper bag works great with bugsboo. The strap is wide w/ a rubber non-skid surface that fits perfectly around the stroller handle and doesn't slide.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the above annonymous post...Tray Vous is in fact patent pending, US Patent Application Serial No:12/284,764 filed on 09/25/2008.

As indicated on its website, Tray Vous does not claim to be a product of, nor does it claim to be endorsed by the Bugaboo company.

The inventor of this product, a mother and Bugaboo owner, contacted the Bugaboo company first and foremost before launching its website, making them aware of its existence and to give them an opportunity in its production.

Bugaboo told her they are not interested in producing a tray and that there is not a market for it.

Of course the tray will be produced with the highest of safety and qualiy standards

No legal action has been taken by Bugaboo against Tray Vous

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Anonymous said...

Amiable fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you on your information.

Anonymous said...

tray vous, is an amazing idea and as for you other ANonymous, give it a break. Just because something isn't endorsed by bugaboo doesn't mean its not SAFE. I believe you are just a little pissy and need to go change your underpants. as a bugaboo owner, i think this is the greatest idea. And im glad someone though about it i will be the first inline to purchase it. I have already added my name to their list and cant wait for it to be manufactured. So lauren GREAT JOB! and ANONYMOUS pain in the ass get a life.

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