Friday, October 20, 2006

And the guitarist wore Sevens....

There is nothing I love more than my ladies, gangly boys with shaggy hair, alcohol and a dance party. When you combine them all, it’s a guaranteed good night. This was the setting last night at the Ben Kweller concert at the Electric Factory. Ok, so what if my friend won free tickets and we weren't die hard Ben Kweller fans? We knew he was pretty to look at and that makes it all the better.

The night started off a bit bumpy. We had a cab incident where we forked over $20 for a $10 ride. The driver announces that he has no change. We read our passenger rights as posted in the backseat- clearly we are entitled to change of $20. And so we tell him 50 times. There’s some bickering. Yada yada yada, he gets out of the cab and gets change. Eventually, things are resolved and we wander over to the doors of the Electric Factory. After my semi-erotic pat down by the ladies at the door, clutching“the wand” (not the good kind of wand), we enter. Sweet lord, there were a lot of shaggy hair boys in there, bopping around. Three vodka cranberries later, it’s a full fledged dance party. Every teenybopper girl is dancing up a storm, singing along to every word, not to be outdone by a whole bunch of prepubescent guys not ready to come to terms with their inevitable homosexuality. If they’d just come out now, they’d have prom dates. Everybody loves the cute gay boy! Alright, maybe not all of the boys were gay, just the dude behind us in his Ben Kweller t-shirt, perhaps. The band was fun, not too chatty. I was also really impressed that everybody played a variety of instruments. In addition, I certainly (most importantly) noticed that the guitarist wore women's Seven jeans.

New York based Ben Kweller was adorable and we spent the night thinking he was 17, only to be gravely disappointed to later Google him and find out that he’s actually 25- way less exciting. But, he looks 17! He was dreamy in his little indie, red hair bliss. Sigh…Anyway, be sure to check out his latest album, simply titled Ben Kweller.

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