Monday, October 02, 2006

Make Yourself at Home

With Fall in the air and the holidays just around the corner, I'd like to invite all my girls about Philly to pick a Saturday, cancel all your plans, eat a hearty breakfast, drink plenty of coffee and gear up for a full afternoon of power shopping. Forget the Court, forget the Plaza - far too much exercise. Don't even bother strolling down Walnut. There's one place where you will find something for everyone on your list - old, young, straight, gay, shabby chic or modern minimalist - all in approximately 500 square feet: Foster's Urban Homeware

Foster's is a magical place where time stands still and shoppers can easily find themselves spending an entire afternoon comparing french presses or sniffing organic aromatherapy candles. With an eclectic mix of practical necessities (like shower curtains and pot holders) and fabulous frivolities (like silk-blend throw blankets and itty-bitty iitalia espresso sets), Foster's is a one-stop place for creative gift-giving. What have I found at Foster's? Everything from mod cheese knife sets for urban foodies, to autumn-themed place settings for country homemakers, to books on doggies for diaper-bound babes. And for myself, of course: Eucalyptus body wash from The Thymes, a specialty skincare line out of Minneapolis that I discovered on a trip to the land of 10,000 lakes. At $16.50 for an 8.75 oz bottle it's no bargain, but nothing wakes up your skin on a sleepy morning quite like it!

So this holiday season, avoid the parking lot brawls and endless walking around the mall, and head straight to Olde City for an afternoon at Foster's. Or check out their kitchenware location inside Reading Terminal Market.

Foster's Urban Homeware, 124 N. 3rd St., 267-671-0558
Foster's Gourmet Cookware, 12th & Arch Sts., 215-925-0950

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Anonymous said...

it's great to encourage people to spend their holiday money in the city and at smaller businesses!
thanks erin.