Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wonderful Wellies

You may have noticed something recently. The weather. It is often wet. Yes, Autumn is really working its magic with those horrid downpours that have the potential to completely ruin your day.

That is until you own a pair of Wellington boots. Rain boots. Rubber waders. Whatever you want to call them they are my absolute mood saver on a rainy day. My feet are always dry, I can wear my nasty but snuggle christmas socks underneath AND I can splish around in puddles feeling totally invincible. I will say that I'm in the lucky circumstance that I can wear them at work all day, plodding around as if I were a jolly fisherman. But even if I couldn't I'm sure I'd invest in a pair to wear to and from the office and on wet weekends.

It used to be fairly hard to find a nice pair of wellies. In England we grew up with the conservative hunter green variety that we used for stomping around in muddy fields. They were even a required item in my school uniform. Having recently turned into somewhat of a fashion item, they can be found in all your high street retailers in fun colors and different lengths and, most importantly, a range of prices. At Urban Outfitters they have a rain boot for about $20, J Crew have a gorgeous yellow pair on sale for around $50, Banana Republic has posh tweed ones for around $70,and, if you're going super posh, Burberry have rain boots starting at $130 up to a dizzying $250. In any case, they can be found in any number of retailers at the moment from Target to Coach at a price to fit your wet weather budget. I myself am keen on getting the Veuve Clicquot bright, sunflower yellow pair so I can walk down the street like a beacon of defiance against the rain. I’m very subtle, moi.


hannah said...

Check out these funky wellies for keeping your feet dry in winter

Anonymous said...

I love the Clicquot wellies too!
Where are you getting yours?

Anonymous said...

I just bought the tweed ones at Banana Republic - they're fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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